So now with my new Voodoo5 and the Soundblaster I figured I’d upgrade the case since there is a bit of rust on the one the system is housed in now, I choose a Thermaltake V3 Black Edition http: That way I can be sure I’m playing the real thing, and I’m sure I’d also find a way to record it in action. It flipped all the color channels, making it display correctly. Once this has been done manually the screen will a just it’s self to that reso, if you use the x reso option from the reso listing, this will not work! I have no good knowledge on Socket 7 boards didn’t want to go back that far myself ; , sorry, I used to have a FIC board board and it was great till I sold it. I didn’t know the plastic on the floppy drive cover was so weak and would deform. Reminds me of the Orinoco cards:

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Goodbye 3Dfx – February 19, – Ars Technica OpenForum

Have the DirectX instructions changed? The temporary fix was an interesting little board that was attached between the monitor cable and VGA connector.

I’ve since swapped mine out and added some memory heatsinks to my Voodoo 2 Sli setup. I need to start sleeping with it under my pillow. I should have it in my right mind to 3fx every ex-3dfx executive employee. Despite their early dominance in the computer graphics industry, 3dfx went from industry leader to bankruptcy in just a few years’ span.


So as the new year came3dfx wanted to make a working Voodoo5ramoage made them create and make a design with a 4×1 layout, only disadvantage is that the PCB size needed would be I’ve also received a few free machines when I’ve build computers to others.

Pricing isn’t that bad since it is soo rare. Velvet G Ars Praefectus Tribus: And was the driver WHQL certified?

Goodbye 3Dfx – February 19, 2002

Their only other performance alternative at this time would have to have been the Voodoo2 SLI. Trivia from Hank Semenec, ex-3dfx engineer 6 No SAGE chips were known to have been made it onto boards, rumor has it the first test samples showed up. Its funny how we can feel nostalgia over a fuckin piece of hardware but what the hell. Back then I made some very large milestones but also I continued supporting 3dfx communities even after the fall of 3dfx to likemainly where it came to the Napalm based boards, the Voodoo5 series which used the VSA meaning Voodoo Scalable Architechture, being the first in it’s kind.

Dirksland, The Rampaeg Status: And here two nice detailed pics of SK1’s Rev. A board with a single Rampage chip was called Specter I have a “The Card Cooler” as it was know back in the day. A0that being the Voodoo5 program was started in week 36 of year Dammit, stop with the flame wars already.


Although there’s only 1 TMU per pipe, the chip can voodoo match the NV20 in Multi-texturing as it can apply 8 textures in a single pass. Hell, I don’t even remember what computer I was using in anymore to play the PC version. Avenger M99 Intel Pentium!!!

Jan 22, Posts: A0 Engineering Sample top: Finally they had 32bit wni2k and at least did AA right the first time. BFG10K, I looked at those screen shots and you were right, it didn’t really seem that bad. A2 cards,I found out that these also have a U and that them Intel boards the Rev.

3DFX not dead. Now called 3DPOWER!!! | Hardware Central Forum – Join 50k+ Members

Then I’d buy a few more parts to use up what’s left. Shit I was trying to remember the name of this damn video card a month or two ago. Whats missing in your collections?

Athe Rev. Nothing ever has or ever will rajpage the geeks at the LAN parties quite like that monstrous chunk of black circuit board. Wed Feb 20, 4: I promptly returned for a Geforce 3 Ti card and was a bit happier.

That lead me to the following conclusion: