PingDrv00, on 28 September – After any necessary shaft trimming, I install one of the readily available plastic plugs in the end of the shaft with some quick setting epoxy. Tighten grip in the through swing. Epoxy New ferrules, I like a taller ferrule than the stock nubbies on the X 5x NDMC grips 1 grip kit, full set 14 clubs I already have a blowtorch and can either buy a vice or MacGyver something up with c-clamps. The price of the reshafting included the grips already.

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Keep the club moving back and forth across the face of the wheel so as not to gouge the shaft in one place. My understanding is if Callaway completes the reshaft a one-year warranty will apply.

I realize that I could probably buy a set of mint Xs in any flex I wanted for around bills, but like I said, sentimental value. Tighten grip in the through swing By Sandhills GolfeTuesday at Any generic advice on a shaft that would keep that from becoming a balloon would be great. Get a Scotchbrite EXL finishing wheel for your bench grinder.

Reshafting Callaway x hot irons – question about hosel

Many amateurs grip the club too lightly, then squeeze harder throughout the swing. Under no circumstances should you use a torch on titanium heads.

Once the plug and ferrule have set, abrade the tip as usual and epoxy the shaft into position and carefully line up the shaft graphics. You currently have javascript disabled.


Callaway Reshaft Experience

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. You can do a quality factory-like job with the simple addition of one tool to your arsenal. Hope this helps, Ray.

I would love to reshaft the irons in steel and put them in my bag. Project X shafts are expensive and an internet badge of honor.

One of them was during a handshake. With the characteristics of the NV shaft and Callaway’s bore thru hosel the club should have frequencied higher – closer to a firm flex. Posted December 10, The reshafting of Callaway wood heads with any of the new higher-performance graphite shafts should not be a daunting process. Posted June 4, Mark Weidel, owner of ProTech Golf, has been a clubmaker for seven years.

Unless you’ve been actually fitted? Callaway did make a couple of mistakes with the 4 wood as I did request on the work order to tip trim the shaft 1 inch before insertion.

Callaway Reshaft Experience – Equipment Opinions –

It’s just a movie after all. I recently ordered a set of MacGregor Pro M irons with Nippon shafts and I’ve had some experience with them in the past but not extensive. Back in the old days, Im talking like s hereit was common custom reshaftinv a man to take his hat off at various times.


Had the retailer call Callaway to inform them of the scratch. Original shaft removal is no different for a Bertha than any other comparable metal wood. Now go to that magic Scotchbrite wheel and slowly and carefully take reshaftingg bore thru shaft down flush with the sole plate.

I have Callaway X Forged steel shafted irons, and was wondering if getting them reshafted with a different steel shaft would hurt their performance. I would question if it isnt a mental thing for the OP, either anticipating impact and sort of trying to brace for it or simply trying to swing too hard. A good extractor allows you to exert modest but constant pressure while heating the club, so you feel the epoxy bond let go and can immediately remove the heat source while safely pushing the head off the shaft.

Upon receiving the club, noticed the top of the club was scratched. By Sandhills GolfeCalalway at Register a new account. IMO, It depends on the shaft you’re switching to and the fitter’s skills.