In this mode see screen shot above , you can scroll forward and backward in the movie, and set cut points at the beginning and end of the sequence. We are glad to report that the battery compartment is now much easier to open than the previous design, as you just slide the lock and push the compartment door outwards as it flips open. It’s important to note though, that the sync socket on the C is a proprietary design, set up for use with Olympus’ FL flash unit. Manual focus, exposure compensation, focus lock, the self-timer, ISO setting, white balance and picture effects are also available while in Movie mode. It works but should have not had corroded batteries when ordering a new item. Optics The C Zoom comes with a 3x, 6. Uses 4 AA or 2 disposable lithium batteries 2 lithium batteries included.

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The camera may be operated conventionally, fired via a remote control, fired by time delay, or fired-by-wire via software such as Cam2Com [1]. With a measured visual resolution of lines per picture height in our resolution tests, cammedia C Zoom is just a hair off the highest we’ve seen to date May, In slow sync mode, the flash may be synchronized with either the opening or closing of the shutter.

This looks like it’s physically the same lens as on the C Zoom, with the difference in focal length resulting from the slightly larger physical dimensions of the CCD. Buy a Used “Olympus C 3. We confess to slightly mixed feelings on the other half of the package though: The LCD is used to access the menus see next page and as a real-time viewfinder.


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Play to Record, first shot 2. The CZ accomodates any capacity 3. In normal sequence mode, the camera focuses and calculates exposure and white balance once, as soon as the shutter button is pressed.

Viewfinder The C features both a “real image” optical viewfinder and an LCD monitor for image composition. I’m a photo enthusiast, but I am not a professional. The dioptric adjustment dial for the optical viewfinder and the external flash sync connector notably, not a standard “PC” sync connector are also on this side of the camera.

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Olympus C Zoom – Wikipedia

It does not support RAW image format. So much has been made of this in various discussion forums and newsgroups that we felt compelled to comment. Thus far, Olympus zoo, haven’t offered a “manual” white balance mode, and the C doesn’t either. The small information display reports many of the camera’s exposure settings, but you still need to rely on the LCD for exposure compensation adjustments, aperture, and shutter settings.

It not only controls the camera during playback, you camediw also use it to trip the shutter and work the zoom lens in record mode too.

This usually isn’t a problem, since you’d almost always have a thread adapter tacked on the front of the CLA-1 anyway, the 43mm being such an odd size. We also especially like the distance display employed in the manual focus option: The covered area is just barely inside the darker lines we use to frame the viewfinder accuracy target.


Somewhere, somebody has to pay to produce worthwhile content. It proved to be extremely popular, offering a compelling combination of features and excellent picture quality. Select a topic Reference: Metal tripod sockets are the exception rather than the rule, but we really like the added durability that metal provides.

Read c-000 that mention lens cap digital camera easy to use great camera picture quality remote control smartmedia digital cameras memory card high quality takes great crystal clear smartmedia card battery life white balance usb port advanced cameda point and shoot quicktime movies nimh batteries. View Cart Proceed to checkout. This makes it much easier to set the focal distance accurately.

This makes movies a little more interesting and can be really helpful in labeling still images. The LCD monitor proved to be much more accurate, showing about 97 percent frame coverage zoomm wide angle and slightly over percent at the telephoto setting. As a lot of big dot.

The huge variety of resolution modes is more than you will ever need but is a great assest. Unlike the C, the maximum number of shots you can capture before waiting increases as you decrease the image resolution and quality setting: To use any external flash FL or other unityou do apparently need both the optional flash holder and flash cable. On the plus side, we were glad to see that Olympus redesigned the previously awkward battery compartment cover.