Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Third party inks can significantly reduce that price, but to date we personally have had bad luck with third-party inks, clogging the heads on two printers. Make sure the paper in the cassette matches the format you’ve selected. You select the Paper orientation to be either vertical or horizontal. Printing one sheet with high photo quality costs less than yen for standard A4 size paper that is same level as ink jet printers. A starter kit supplied with the printer includes five sheets of A4 paper and enough dye to make five prints. Begin by installing the printer driver software on your computer.

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Max Media Size Custom. Olympus has damedia a priority of enabling home users to enjoy photo quality and has achieved the consumer price range by using innovative design for every aspect of the printer.

Olympus Camedia P-400

Olympus P results on Amazon. The printer using the conventional dye-sublimation processing to print A4 size photographs is extremely expensive and has only been used for commercial purposes. The printer’s operating menus allow you to make layout adjustments, color corrections, sharpness adjustments, and even add camecia filters, frames, and backgrounds.

This will automatically disable the remaining printer settings, as they can now be controlled directly by the computer.

When printing from memory cards, the P is actually slightly faster, at 2: You like technology, and you want to give a cool gadget this year. The Menu button cancels the print job at any point. This worked just fine once we figured it out, but it would be much simpler to include a Cancel button.


The Operational panel is located between the printer cover and the paper cassette compartment. Once you have all of your print orders entered, you can literally “batch-process” your prints and let the printer complete your order. This gives a basic idea of how broad a range of colors a printer can reproduce, particularly in relation to the RGB color spaces employed by digital cameras and image-editing programs.

While not quite rising to Olympus’ quoted specifications, the print times achieved by the P are lightning-fast when compared to the print times of many photo-quality inkjet printers.

Olympus Camedia P-400 Digital Color Photo Printer

Just keep in mind that when using the All Select option, the P doesn’t allow you to set the number of prints, crop images, or use the DPOF settings originally selected in the camera. When the Standard setting is selected on the Mode dial, the first selected image appears on the preview screen.

Bottom line, the P’s prints are likely to be both more durable and longer-lasting than those of most inkjet printers, but perhaps less so than the latest, pigment-based ink sets. Black-and-white and sepia printing filters and up to illustrated stamps for greeting cards. Not including time for picture processing and data transferring. Supported Flash Memory Cards. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription.

Digital Camera Printer Review: Olympus Camedia P Printer Review

For this version anyway, users will have to rely on their own print manipulation programs and camfdia to be creative. That said, the tonal range of the P didn’t extend as far into the deep blacks as we’re accustomed to seeing in either photographic or inkjet prints. You can even print without a computer thanks to SmartMedia and PC Card slots, and preview and select which images to print beforehand using the LCD panel.


There’s also a variety of filters, stamps, backgrounds, and layouts for creative photographers who o-400 to produce greeting cards, album pages, or decorative matting to frame their pictures. Ideally, this would be a VR object that you could twirl around in your browser, to see it from all angles.

The maximum printable area per page is mm by mm, at a resolution of dpi. Which holiday deals day is camefia favorite? Mobile by Stephen Shankland 8 days ago.

Media Feeder Max Format. The ribbon contains enough pigment to produce the maximum black at every point of the page.

To load, you insert the cassette as far as it will go into the cassette compartment at the top of the printer. In addition, the consumer range price that is extremely affordable compares to conventional A4-size dye-sublimation allows anyone to enjoy A4-size high-quality output. This is because dye-sub printers use an entire “page” of their ribbon for each print, regardless of whether they’re just printing a few words of printed type or a full photograph.

Like all dye-sublimation printers, the P has a lower addressable resolution dots per inch than inkjet printers, but more than makes up for it through its ability to produce continuous-tone gradations for each color in every pixel.