They can be input directly using the SmartMedia or PC card slots on the front of the printer, or they can be downloaded from an external computer connection using a parallel or USB cable. Thus, comparing manufacturer-supplied media, the P comes out looking very good relative to the photo-quality inkjets. If an Error message is displayed, it means the PC card is unrecognizable, or the card was removed from the printer while still accessing image data a fatal error! The P has a maximum printing area of 2, x 3, dots, which at dots-per-inch resolution, translates to 7. Alpha a7S III – will it kill off the competition? That said, the tonal range of the P didn’t extend as far into the deep blacks as we’re accustomed to seeing in either photographic or inkjet prints. High-resolution TIFF images though, took as long as four minutes when printed from a card.

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This can be changed with the up and down arrow keys from one to 50 prints. Finally, the Index printing mode provides you with a thumbnail index of all the images on the memory card, with the file name of each image printed on the page next to it. Edges of objects were rendered smoothly, and fine detail in images was crisp and sharp.

You can set the tiles to have the same color density throughout the background, or have the density p-400 gradually from dark to light. Its printer line is smaller, but it offers the same high quality and technical innovation that Cakedia has been known for in its digicam models. Just below the Number selection, a Trimming option allows you to crop the selected image, if necessary.


The Swiss computer accessories maker had been interested in buying the headset and Bluetooth earpiece maker. Performance Olympus bills the P as having a print time of 90 seconds. The top bar feeds the transfer ribbon down across the thermal head when the cover is closed and the bottom bar acts as a take-up spool for the spent ribbon. Information posted on this site is current and accurate only at the time of their original publication date, and may now be outdated or inaccurate.

If your image has already been cropped in DPOF, the printer will automatically set its own crop marks.

You open it by lowering the two eject buttons on p-40 side of the cover and swinging it out and downward. For Macintosh only USB is supported. Company names and product names specified are trademarks of their respective owners. Overall, we felt that the P had a surprisingly broad gamut, particularly relative to inkjets. The screen will display one possible page layout on the paper size you are using.

The illustration above shows a three-dimensional plot of the P’s color gamut in “Lab” color space, again with the SWOP gamut overlaid on it.

The photos below show this behavior in two images. Next, turn the Mode dial to the Paper position to select one of two paper sizes: You select the Paper orientation to be either vertical or horizontal.

Printer functions are controlled via the printer driver software provided on the accompanying CD. While not quite rising to Camesia quoted specifications, the print times achieved by the P are lightning-fast when compared to the print times of many photo-quality inkjet printers. Olympus P results on Amazon. The P showed some “jaggies” when printing image files from the computer at other than the engine’s native dpi resolution.


Olympus P Digital Photography Review

Third party inks can significantly reduce that price, but to date we personally have had bad luck with third-party inks, clogging the heads on two printers. Therefore, it can produce subtle color variations of half tones and gradations that have been impossible to achieve in the past except with a silver halide photograph.

The interfaces vary between the PC and Macintosh applications, but the same options are available on both platforms. In the case of the P, it appears that Olympus is counting as “print time” only the time that the print engine spends actually laying down color on the paper.

Cyan is traditionally a camddia dye color to fabricate, so this a weakness there is perhaps not hard to understand. As with other Photo-Album images, the background tiles can be rotated 90 degrees at a time as long as they have not been gradated. Can the Oly Pro replace a bag of primes? Additional Layout options can be viewed by scrolling through the options with the left and right arrow buttons.

Olympus Camedia P Overview – CNET

Index Mode The Index mode allows you to print a complete thumbnail index page of all the images saved on a memory card. This is evidently caused by the resampling algorithm used in both the Mac and Windows printer drivers: There you can opt to have the Print Date feature On prints the date and time on the image or leave it Off.

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