Menu Button Located on top of the camera, this button accesses the menu system for whatever camera mode is currently selected. The default set, providing a somewhat simpler interface, but more limited functions, and the “Details” version, which gives access to the camera’s more advanced features. It biases the camera to use wider apertures, producing shallower depth of field. This camera has many powerful and useful features and takes really great pictures. The macro mode is nothing short of fantastic and rivals that of the Nikon A more useful rating would be how long the camera will operate in various modes with typical NiMH rechargeable batteries. You can protect individual images on the CompactFlash card through the Playback menu in Playback mode, preventing accidental deletion of images.

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White balance with four modes.

If you do all of your shooting indoors then this camera will suit you well, Casio does not include an AC adapter or rechargable batteries. There are two choices for menus: In the Record menu, this button switches between the normal and Details menu systems. In high resolution mode, we managed 10 shots before the buffer filled, and even then, cycle time only rose to 3 seconds. Filter threads on the inside lip of the lens allow you to attach 43mm diameter qv-8000sx or accessory lenses.

Picking a manual setting for aperture, but leaving the shutter option set to auto results in “aperture priority” metering. Mode Dial Located on top of the camera, this caasio dial selects between the following modes: As casuo as you go to the buttons on the top of the camera, things get worse.


A very interesting feature: Continuous Recording The Continuous Recording option allows you to record up to five images at approximately 0. Provided the set has a separate “raw video” input. Jeff welcomes your comments or questions.

Steves Digicams – Casio QVSX User Review

We feel per-shot ratings of this sort are of relatively little value in deciding how long you’ll actually be able to use a camera, particularly with ones like the QV that rely on their LCD screen as a viewfinder.

Casio estimates that caasio standard set of AA alkaline batteries allows you to record up to shots for lithium and for NiMH and they recommend keeping the flash turned off when not in use and taking advantage of the power save settings in the setup menus to help conserve battery power. The QVSX goes the extra mile though: The QV comes with a wired remote control that controls almost all of the important qv-8000sx features in both record and playback mode.

Things don’t look that bad acsio first.

I found the colors to usually be very accurate in my testing. It’s become almost mandatory these days, casoi back when the QV was first introduced, the feature was a real eye-opener.

QVSX – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

Casio claims that you can get as close as 1cm! You can select whether or not the camera remembers the metering preference via a setting on the “Mode 2” options menu. Compare this to the QV, which could zoom out to 6x, and fill the frame with the subject, devoting the full pixels to it. Recording features are also rich and include one-shot, continuous, in-camera panorama and sec movies, timer, macro, landscape, night scene and portrait modes.


Digital photography casjo its next chapter with radical changes Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future.

If you choose Manual, you get another menu with speeds. The fact that the lens doesn’t protrude very much from the camera body is another plus, keeping the entire camera reasonably compact and pocketable for large pockets, at least. Display Button Located at the bottom right of the Casoi monitor, this button cancels and recalls the information display on the monitor.

Portrait Mode Accessed by turning the mode dial to the black portrait symbol, this mode sets the casoo and focus so that the subject is in focus and the background is slightly blurred. Look and Feel The first two things I noticed surprised me: It’s just like a camcorder: When you pause, the camera “catches up” with you, and when you shoot rapidly, you get ahead of it.

Casio QV-8000SX (1999)

As you shoot, the camera continuously processes the images you’ve already captured in the background, saving them to the memory card. The all plastic body makes the camera surprisingly light weight for its size, at only We clocked the camera at 1.

The command dial options are counter-clockwise from top: