This spec was written for single tuner cards and we reached out to CableLabs about changing it. You’ll want to now enter MythTV’s setup. You should try running the following command and checking that your output has the “crw-rw-rw” line:. Is MythTV already set up? The machine detects the ctn0 but does not assign an IP to the card. Whenever you’re done, you can cancel out the above SSH command and you’re back to normal.

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In the United States, you can go to SchedulesDirect and subscribe to have your channel listings updated and sent to you. There’s no recording scheduled — Did you attach incinitv video sources to the recorders AND then run mythfilldatabase? A fork of the manufacturer’s drivers are available on GitHub which has been tested to compile on kernels up to version 4. It won’t be present on recorded videos. We mean who wouldn’t get excited about being able to record 4 HD shows at once and from infunitv channel you invinitv And the only good thing about having a problem is that it gave us a chance to dig around the diagnostic information — most of which can be accessed via Media Center’s foot interface or via the tuner’s web interface.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner review

There are reports on the Internet of the card working out-of-the-box with Ubuntu If you’re running Mythbuntu, this should already be installed. This is basically your “TV Guide” that sends the channel listings to your device and infjnitv shows are on what channels at what time. Weather Channel ch comcast Philly or Discovery Channel mplayer doesn’t open using. Without both of those steps, MythTV won’t know what channels you have, or what shows are airing.


Is MythTV already set up?

InfiniTV 4 USB – Ceton

I wasn’t able to get this working; MythTV was able to change the tuner’s channel and try to pull the stream, but didn’t save anything to disk. They said it was mistakenly set up for a set-top box. Copy Freely 0x00 infonitv means the recordings are DRM free.

Not hard; just make sure you do this. See also Channel tuning.

The good news is the FCC recognizes that they don’t work and already has plans to require an alternative based on IPwhich will hopefully be deployed by this Fall. Some might be encrypted.

This screen will show you the activation status of your card. This ensures a tuner is always available for the encrypted channels.

Ceton InfiniTV 4

One test we can’t wait to do is to see if we can get a TiVo owner to switch. Whenever you want to re-access the tuner from the remote machine, you can re-run the above command.

Don’t worry about the syntax of the line or what magic you might be doing: Another thing we didn’t get to test was the network bridging support.

And although we were able to access the card’s web interface from another PC, we didn’t have another Windows 7 PC to try and record with. One thing that Jeremy Hammer of Ceton Corp recently said on our podcast that rings true here is that “what we try to knfinitv is design around the limitations that are set” and some of those limitations are pretty lame.


To obtain the information they will ask you, go to the IP address for the card and select CableCARD from the horizontal menu at the top. A better all-in-one PC twist.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCIe – 4-channel Cable TV Tuner Card for CableCARD

Information like signal-to-noise ratio, signal level, temperature ours ran about Cston and even what CCI flag is set on a particular program, are all really useful. You should be able to now access the card’s internals from your web browser, typically http: Skip backwards 5 seconds giving yourself a second buffer and it should clear up.

I had bad luck trying to forge ahead without pulling channels at this point, and if you’re a novice at cceton, it will make things more confusing. See notes under Discussion for this page. Is the signal-to-noise ratio weak? You should try running the following command and checking that your output has the “crw-rw-rw” line:. An example of the ifcfg-ctn0 file is below:.