But for the 4xtall brown caps you need to use the same rating and value. It could be throttling that you are experiencing.. The weird thing is wouldn’t it have gone bad when there was a load on it? I know i am atm. Yr temps seem to be good. Sell one like this. Of course he hasn’t provided any proof or specs, and I want to call BS on him, but I don’t want to be a dick.

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Sigmaplot 9.01 serial number

Thx for the help guys! I realize that, but his specs in his sig and his answer to my questions lead me to believe he is a n00b looking for some attention. The divider is used for the RAM. Once I get my 3. Looks like the pressies are finally adjusting things in here after being bashed by the Northwood ppl fx55300 years.

Do the caps mod. That’s my secret weapon to bench at 4Ghz and beyond. Didn’t try, link and I will Does it pass memtest after atleast 6 hours, especially test 5? GPU has stock cooling, but I disconnected the fan from the card, and hooked it up to a fan controller, so I can run it slightly higher than it normally runs in windows. By stable I mean I ran Sandra Burn-in for 12 hours which is more than sufficient for anything I do with this computer.


A colorful box with a charming girl on the front side. I am benching it right now will post some screenies later. Those who insist win. This will ensure that even the sinks touches the fets legs. JPG Cheers Navig for the informative input, I really do appreciate it and am really pleased to hear of your results and progress, very well done and fingers crossed that you get even higher clocks. Any other suggestions let me know.


SAD, most of the mosfets are sinked by the OTES–however, sometimes contact can be poor and certainly could use an application of arctic silver. Nice job man, those are the temps i need! Nope What PSU are you using and how many watts?

As the screenshot’s above empirically verify, these problems are bound to persist, and what’s more troubling is the lack of sensors on motherboards able to monitor chaitech temps. Some cpu’s just clock better than others too. Don What do you mean by ATX-extensions? I have a OCZ coming I think will help the power draw. Not necesary I think.


I don’t know at the moment where to get DO chips.

MSI GeForce FX (AGP 8x, MB) Overview – CNET

I’m just wondering if I shoudl invest anymore money to modding the motherboard or even on the Socket. If anything it crashed faster in prime 95 than before.

Like everybody else in this and the previous “war” threadI’m about to install a secondary PSU Any opinions on that? I was just thinking about sticking that into my WC circuit. Check out our Help page for more information on selling or contact Customer Service. Try benching with only 1.

So far we know: VRD tries to regulate the Vcore down due to heat some ppl eroneously call this droop, it’s not. We’ll soom see if I get fx55300 as well.