When you’re averaging ‘ with your Eagle than I would look at moving up to a Wraith The secret is to know when to use the discs you shouldn’t normally throw, to make up strokes, on people who don’t know. That might season it a bit? The DX plastic just feels right. My dad loves his for flick throws. It has a combination of straight flight, high glide and good speed that make it accurate and long flying both upwind and downwind.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I have a two year old 12x opaque Champ pre-JL that is just as beefy as the new Stars. If a beat DX Teebird turns just the tinyest bit too much it will likely crash and burn.

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I throw champ teebirds and I love them! I’d also like to throw out that the easiest way to get that perfectly beat champ teebird teebir is to just get a TL, but that’s just my preference. Now it’s a nice wind fighter to Other than that a beat in Star is the next best. Sounds like a Firebird If I want a straight line with distance and a healthy fade, I have been throwing my slightly seasoned Thunderbird.

Thanks Echostar is a lot like Star, maybe the slightest touch harder.


When you’re averaging ‘ with your Eagle than I would look at moving up to a Wraith So the real question is should I just etebird these really overstable tee birds with an anhyzer line until they break in?

I might just be getting weak. You have to learn to throw the faster drivers. Gonna have to get another one for back up.

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I trebird one high power thrower why he doesn’t use DX Teebirds and his response was’t that they got flippy, it was because they flew too far. I think that will be an easier transition than going directly from a Teebird.

You sir, win kind gentleman of the year. That might season it a bit? I had nose angle issues and wasn’t throwing hard enough and with enough torque to get faster discs to work properly. Please try the flair filters, search boxand FAQ first! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I’ve got both star and champion teebirds and I can throw them ok, but I find myself gravitating back to my DX birds. Decided to say to hell with everyone telling me to chamion down and could almost instantly within a day throw a Destroyer ‘.

I was hoping to go all-out this year but unfortunately I’ve had some problems to deal with. If you need one disc that is just perfect and can do just about everything this is it. Paul takes that extra variable out of the equation. You can buy the G-Star and Echo Star in higher weights because they’ll beat in quicker, retain their stability for longer, and lot more forgiving of form.


You have to learn to throw faster discs. I do expect it to go pretty straight for the first ‘ on a ‘ shot.

It is a lot easier to hit my line instead of over torquing a stabilized TeeBird. Isn’t that what putting it IN the fairway is all about?


That’s just my advice, from my experience learning the game. It is perfect in every way, but it has such sentimental value to me that I am afraid to throw it on any hole that has a high risk of losing discs.

Has more fade than the TL which is why the TL was created. Think I might pick up a Krait. Keep pushing that further.