The distance you are getting now is even more than some tour pros. I also think it the XLS sets up better. I love this club, and it truly is loud — people by the club house thought I was swinging a microwave when they heard me tee off on No. The open face corrects that draw. From my experience with the XL, I would say the red in stiff flex would be the way to go. I am a scratch player that has played the xl tour head 9. I am a 10 handicap golfer who tends to hit everything high.

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This next hibre of Hi-Bore technology features a 20 per cent larger head size and 11 per cent large face area than the original HiBore.

I have to tell you after playing the XLS Tour in a This really is a great club!!! Its face is slightly toed in and as a result greatly reduces the chance of hitting the right side of the fairway.

On the launch monitor, both Hibore XL and Burner gave me plenty of distance, with the burner a little more by yards, but I prefered the look and feel of the Hibore XL more, which ultimately adds to my confidence with the driver when I line up on the first tee. My buddies laugh at me, but I now wear ear plugs when I tee off with this thing. This club might up your shot trajectory a little bit and keep with the same loft.


The normal shot is a fade and if I really try, a straight shot. I could not believe it. Eating up the fairway on Ckeveland 4’s and 5’s plenty of Par or even Birdie putts to follow. Im smashing it around yards, somethin i couldnt do with my old driver nike sq!

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Reviews – Golf Club Reviews – Golfbidder

I would say go with the 9. They are actually now selling them as non-conforming.

Ball is arrow straight, with a slight fade. But be aware that some of the right-handed I also wanted to post to share something I saw in the new Golf Magazine: Tried this driver today and within 10 minutes couldn’t believe its performance.

I plan on hitting both but wonder what other peoples experience has been. I can give it a real heave and miss the center by a half inch or more, and still get the fairway.

In regards to type casting swing speed to this club — I thought I would share my experience concerning this.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Tour Driver Review

This driver has made a huge difference to my game. I have the Hibore XL 8. The strength of my game is the tee ball while my achilles heel is my putting. But it has taken some getting used to for me, to tee the ball four inches off the ground! The good shots that I hit were the earliest ones before the round and during the round. I have seem to have lost some distance.


Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

They then go another extra step in providing two different types: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Clevelanr email address will not be published. Anybody out there test this or give an indication.

Sell Your Golf Clubs. Helpline Backspin makes the ball rise higher and drop more vertically, especially into a breeze.

I had to get used to the lower loft on my XL Added a legitimate not guessing, actual rangefinder data 35 yards including the added roll. Now going to try the hibore woods to replace my fairway woods….

One of the biggest problems I had when trying to figure out the right driver hlber me was getting shafts that were too soft in the tip, too tip active. Mine is and I had to put in an X flex shaft, as the red one was too soft for me.