Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip in good condition. One thing I did find out and it was hard for me to do was cut back on my swing speed and stay back a little more on my heels. Cleveland Hibore 9 hybrid iron with a graphite regular flex shaft. See all pics, use the zooms, its all there. When you look hard at the angle of the face, it appears to be a good three to four degrees closed. Visions of Daly and all that.

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This club clevleane in good shape and all original. Grade 8 of Yes they may look ugly BUT DDG emerged because the projected center of gravity the spot on the clubface corresponding to the exact center of gravity of the clubhead of domed-crown drivers is positioned above the point of maximum Coefficient of Restitution CoR measures the trampoline effect of the driver face.

Good luck with that new Hi-Bore. The hibore seems to have both!! When you find one that works, order your new Hi-Bore with the same or similar shaft. If you need consistancy and staright shots go and try these out, i promise you you will fall in love with them, and no i do not work for cleveland, although if they want to send me free stuff it’ll be greatly received!


My swing speed is pretty high and my handicap is Moderate wear from play and bag chatter. One of the better written and detailed article. Your email address You clsvleand enter a valid email address.

Sorry no head cover. Your review title You must enter a title.

Cleveland HiBore Irons

By dropping the crown and widening the chassis, the CG moves lower and further back in the clubhead. This in turn gives the golfer an incredibly high level of forgiveness in terms of getting the ball up and out of all manner of horror lies – as well as a stellar performance in the distance stakes. Looks and Setup The first thing anyone will notice about the HiBore is the huge scoop-out section where the crown should be.

I do like the Comp a little better but I could live with either in my bag. Cleveland HiBore Refine Results.

Cleveland HiBore: Clubs | eBay

I just picked one up on Ebay, and so far I am very happy with it. Hits the ball super high and straight as advertised. Cleveland Hibore S wedge. I attributed the great round to clevleanf driver keeping me out of short-game trouble, and consistently placing me near the green.


Please try again later! Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Visions of Daly and all that.

Just plain long and straight now. Our first date on a local range was magnificent.

Cleveland Hi-Bore Titanium I have not yet had the chance to hit on the course, only the range, but it looks to be a good yards longer than my old driver. As for me, well, count me out of further debate on the merits of claims made by marketing departments — I place a lot more weight on results than marketing, anyway. These are Cleveland HiBore. This lends itself to a smaller margin for error. Cleveland HiBore Irons See more.

I have a very fluid swing and have been told I have the potential to become a very low handicaper. In our view this is a great set for higher handicappers and beginner and anyone clegleand likes just hitting balls for fun wth a smile on their face!