Simply shut down Cloudscape, then back up databases in the context of their system. Not all Derby functionality is supported when using the Network Server. In addition, if you connect to a database outside the current system, it automatically becomes part of the current system. Using the database connection URL as described here, you can connect to databases in more than one directory at a time. The application starts only the client JDBC driver, which handles sending the information back and forth over the network. This method works only for database connection URL attributes, not for Cloudscape properties. The Cloudscape driver class name for the embedded environment is COM.

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No data exists in clear-text form in the database files. Databases do not necessarily have to live inside the system directorybut keeping your databases there is the recommended practice.

The Derby Network Server receives and replies to queries from clients using a standard network protocol.

Connect to cloudscape : Cloudscape « Database SQL JDBC « Java

If you combine this attribute with any other attributes, they are ignored except for shutdown. Cloudscape ensures that all committed transactions are durable, even if the system fails, through the use of a database log. By default, a conglomerate grows one page at a time until eight pages of user data or nine pages of total disk use, cloudxcape includes one page of internal information have been allocated.

An example use of the database connection URL: This is especially important in deployed server applications, which must be deployed with as little administrative overhead as possible. Derby supports secure remote data database encryption. For more information on creating synchronization databases, see the Cloudscape Synchronization Guide. When you are using Cloudview, error messages appear in the console or operating system window from which Cloudview was started.


You must specify a path for a database in a directory other than the system directory even if you have defined the cloudscape. System-wide properties affect the entire system, and persistent system-wide properties live in the system directory.

Cloudscape Version 10: A technical overview

For information about synchronization attributes and values, see the Cloudscape Synchronization Guide. The embedded JDBC driver transfers data to and from the database engine without the need for network communication.

Shutting down Cloudscape instance dbdf-da0a0b2d00 Typically, an application using an embedded Cloudscape engine shuts down Cloudscape just coudscape shutting itself down. Do not use sleep and interrupt calls to notify threads that are accessing a database, because Cloudscape will catch the interrupt call and close the connection to the database. As mentioned above, if a stored procedure includes OUT parameters, a client application executes the stored procedure using the CallableStatement method, as shown in Listing 9.

Derby is a lightweight, embeddable ndbc engine in the form of a Java class library. Typically, Cloudscape writes this information to a log called clloudscape. You can specify attributes and attribute values to a database connection URL. Each of these security features is introduced below. We apologize for any confusion.

The Cloudscape system is not persistent; you must specify the location of the system directory at every startup. You also learned how to take advantage of Java integration to create Java functions and stored procedures.


Connect to cloudscape : Cloudscape « Database SQL JDBC « Java

Using the database connection URL as described here, you can connect to databases in more than one directory at a time. In an embedded environment, loading the driver also starts Cloudscape. You can access jarDB1 like this:.

The system directory contains any persistent system-wide configuration parameters, or properties, specific to that system in a properties file called cloudscape. Since these database connections are already established when the connection pool starts up, the overhead of establishing database connections is eliminated. Cloudconnector is shut down with a utility.

Once a database has been booted within a Cloudscape system, it remains active until the Cloudscape system has been shut down or until you shut down the database individually.

For that reason, this section provides useful information for all environments. This makes the database data and its logic into a single, self-contained application package. The value that the IBM Cloudscape commercial offering adds makes it easier than ever for Java developers to deploy their Java-based solutions.

It also supports integrating external user authentication schemes; for example, it can be configured to check with an external authentication service.