The 9-cell, mAh battery exceeds the case by about 2cm. They are white, and hard to press. Although, it might not look as elegant as ‘brand notebooks’, it is excellently equipped, e. My gf has a Sager rebrand of FL92 that I ordered from xoticpc and we both think it looks pretty nice. The Sager as stated above also. The optical drive is loud.

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The biggest weakness of the Compal FL90’s case is that the transport hook is missing. The touchpad’s dimensions are 6.

Notebook and Tech Bargains. However, the cover of the base unit vibrates quite loudlyif you touch it. The FL90’s quality partly exceeds the quality of many recognized brands.

Fompal of them do not look so good. We could test two batteries supported by the FL The size of the keys is generally very good, except of the small enter key. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.


Though the Compal FL90 isn’t loudthe dynamic changes of fan speed might annoy. The 9-cell, mAh battery exceeds the case by about 2cm. The display does not have a transport hook. However, Fn and Ctrl keys are reverse than usual. Although it co,pal appear to black, Compal FL90 is actually dark blue.

I have specs inside here,can you give me another notebook with better specs for the $$$

The base unit is very fl19 Its runtime is between 1. Compals aren’t pretty though. In idle mode the fan start runnning every half minute. Be this as it may, the Compal FL90 looks quite nicebut not outstanding. It’s for the logo of the brand under which it will be sold. Gamut, color, and specs.

Although it may not look so, this web cam is alright. TommyB0yMay 20, Danishblunt Sep 4, What Notebook Should I Buy?

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Of course, also the price has to be reasonable. Hit of the summer. The maximum contrast of Philips screen black quite quickly becomes gray both vertically and horizontally. The display, although made by LG. Thanks to our partners of Notebookcheck Polen, who reviewed this notebook.


Blacky Nov 9, However, this problem can be solved, by a different configuration. It is often said, that no-names differ from brand laptops basically because the lack of a logo. Because of a powerful GPU, the notebook gets considerably warmer under load.

Asus bad battery life.