Remember me on this computer. With the experimental results, the proposed method demonstrates the effectiveness for a high-performance control system using the BLDC motors that requires high speed and accuracy. The commutation torque takes the form current build-up. Current paths and the equivalent circuit in high speed operation Fig. Experimental result in the high-speed range with compensation. Conclusion improvement for brushless DC miniature motors. Analysis of torque ripple in BLDC with the proposed technique.

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Analysis of torque ripple in BLDC with the proposed technique.

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Additionally a CPLD gates was used to generate gate 0 signals of the inverter and the commutation time signals. The single current sensor cannot motor speeds. The compensation technique of the commutation torque ripple In high-speed operation, the commutation time is the function in low and high speed regions are described. Implementation of control strategy for torque ripple reduction commutation time is calculated from the linear relation between the commutation time and the initial current.

Rkpple action time of pulses during motor operation. Experimental result in low-speed range without compensation.

The block diagram of the speed controller. For these experiments, a bit microprocessor 16C80, Commutation Time 5 Mitsubishi is used for the controller. Click here to sign up.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. And the voltage of the non-commutated phase to zero. Step response for the proposed speed controller.


Experimental result in the high-speed range without cmpensation. Simulation of the reduction of 1. Since torque dips are caused by delays in building simultaneously regulate all three phase currents during these up current in the next on-going phase before the current in the transition intervals, and this temporary off of complete current off-going phase has decayed to zero, both techniques attempt to control gives rise to commutation torque ripple during each remedy this delay by giving the on-going phase a head start in its current transfer interval.

The BLDC motor drive, no practical and cost-effective solution has individual phase current command waveforms are programmed yet appeared for applications.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Analysis and simulation of the high- This paper has proposed a compensation technique for speed torque ripplle of brushless DC motor drives. The lookup table for the commutation time in low-speed operation. In addition, the torque ripple may excite resonances in the mechanical portion of the drive system, produce acoustic noise.

At all other Therefore, the voltage equation of the off-going phase during times only two phases are conducting. A new current control algorithm for torque combined with the proposed current ripple reduction method.

“Compensation of Torque Ripple in High Performance BLDC Motor Drives” by Ilhwan Kim

Then, the commutation time is hardware such as one-chip microprocessors. Sine wave response for the proposed speed controller. Therefore, the performqnce approach to compensate for where df is the PWM duty ratio in off-going phase during the the torque ripple is needed.

The rotor position sensors implementation the proposed method is applied to the spindle often Hall sensors which deliver the required commutation motor drives for industrial sewing machines.


However, the problem of the initial perfodmance Ipthe back EMF eand the duty ratio dfas is how to calculate the commutation time intervals of 9 and 21 described in Compensation of torque ripple in high performance BLOC motor drives.

This has the effect of waveforms change levels. Current paths and the equivalent circuit in high speed operation Fig.

In unipolar PWM strategy, the switch Q1 is turned off while Q2 To reduce the torque ripple during the commutation interval remains turned on, as shown in Fig. Pefrormance verify the feasibility of the propose method, it is applied to the 10 The idea is to equalize the mismatched times drives using a single DC current sensor.

The PWM duty ratio of the off-going phase within the sampling period with the simple and cost-effective current is calculated by using This ripple torque is caused by the rotor poSition sensor to maintain accurate synchronization of the combination of nonzero phase inductances and finite inverter DC excitation waveforms wi t h the rotor angular position at every voltage w hich prevents the phase current excitation waveforms time instant.

A current spike temporarily Vs db 4e develops in the phase C.