It ain’t rocket science. I ask this question because Merant has elected to charge through the nose for this; Corel provides it free with the Developer’s Edition or the Pro version of the Suite. Posted 11 years ago. Category Business – Misc Applications. Sierra is mostly right. Comment 9 of 11 Thanks for all the great help getting my old Paradox applicaiton workingh on nwer versions of Winodws.

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Comment 7 of 11 how can I distinguish 64 bit from 32 bit OS with Opal?

But I also managed to find this nifty tidbit last updated December My goal is to build an ad-free and spam-free source of I.

Results 1 to 5 of 5. Not to turn this into PdoxMonks; but, I would like to offer some points to ponder based on the responses so far: Paradox Database by coolmichael Deacon on Feb 08, at I canna’ promise miracles, but I know an answer or three.


They’ve done good work and if you harsh them he said, extending adamantine clawsI will come down on you, tho’ you may not realize it. Any information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Please visit the Tip Jar to help maintain the site. I haven’t looked yet Upload the file to the web server with FTP.

Comment 10 of As far as why anyone would choose Paradox, well, I won’t go there.

Reading (Borland) Paradox tables ?

Date Sep 25, Author ombelt. Paradox isn’t dead and resistance is not futile.

Maybe I should use some of my upcoming off time to see if I can build a Paradox Table Reader with pardox However, when you create a new table, the BDE has a default table structure setting and that setting is set to to Paradox 4 table structures initialy.

I know that telnet and ftp aren’t the best protocols to use, but I don’t have much choice. Posted 7 years ago.

ODBC or some paradkx module: How do I use this? I suggest that you consider the corel. Share a thought or comment At the very least, make sure you’ve got MDAC 2.


I have the Developer’s Edition. Please let me know if there is any path forward.

PrestwoodBoards: Install Paradox 9 on Windows 7 64bit (Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding)

Is there someone who can share their original WPO Pro cd? The database is used every day and gets updated every day. Data Export – Paradox2Oracle. Yes, my company Prestwood IT Solutions is mentioned in my bio which shows with every post, but you can contribute and promote your pet project too!

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