This is the driver you wanted. When you look in the jar, can you find the DB2Driver. The driver class is com. People who voted for this. I followed the one post to dump all jars in driver and executors.

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I discover the iReport do not open with that jre version. DB2Driver could not be loaded at com.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Whatever’s trying to find the class isn’t using the classpath that was used to launch your Java Application.

As of version 1.

John Saunders k 22 Do you mean that your Worklight database is DB2-based? But you can just type in the correct class and things will work as they should. Hopefully the folks at Jasper can help address the and 3rd points:.

Marketplace updates for closed network. Even I built a fat jar which contains the db2jcc.


I’m getting a ClassNotFoundException when I change my database to DB2Z

Products Solutions Services Resources. Mon, 16 June Jan 21 – 3: Does it work if you run it on just the current node?

What i see a difference between iReport and jaspersoft studio is they using different driver to connect to de DB2 db. I finally did get this resolved.

Could not find the DB2Driver class running Spark app – Hortonworks

How can use an environment property as the database password for UrbanCode Deploy dbupgrader? Hopefully the folks at Jasper can help address the 2nd and 3rd points: Please log this in the tracker as an enhancement request. The jar just needs to be somewhere on your server. Jay Zhou The answer is you have to upgrade. If it wasn’t a ‘Class Not Found Error’ I would have something else to suggest but for now it seems it finds path to the jar but just not finding the Driver class within the jar.

Up to 5 attachments including images can be used with a com.bim.db2.jcc.db2driver of It likely would’ve been easier to get the APP driver workign since iReport seems to natively know something about that driver, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.


Cannot find DB2 Driver when creating a new DB connection; Services OK

It has no relation to anything else. The answer is you have to upgrade.

Try –driver-class-path on the spark submit http: I us e Maven to build it first on my windows env. Therefore, it would be expected for the search for the driver to be executed on the system where the agent is running. When I tried through spark-shell, it works.

I’m getting a ClassNotFoundException when I change my database to DB2Z – Jazz Forum

Mike iReport Designer 4. Can someone help to understand why i cant made the connection to my db and why this to tools use different drivers? Did you supply that field? Morales Batovski 2, 9 19 Sign up to our Looad A fresh new issue delivered monthly.