Latest v4l-dvb drivers should be manually compiled this requires kernel 2. I use mencoder for the video capture. Have a Dell Inspiron with slow video or x video resolution? What are your views? Post by Mike Krufky support for it.

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I will check into HDTV in Supported with the latest 2.

DVB-T PCI cards – LinuxTVWiki

It should work in Windows 98 but many manufactures tests their drivers for Windows 98 Second Edition. New TV cards seem not to work well on Linux boxes. Quality better than Pinnacle software for win xp.

Once the appropriate module is loaded you should see this output from ‘ arecord -l’ note this sample is from a system with two identical cards installed:.

Post by Mike Krufky provide more info about the card, I would be happy to assist in.

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The CXx chips has as much support as the Philips chip at this point. Linux will be the same way. In Australia, this card appears to have been superseded by the DTV S which uses a different chipset and apparently is not supported. This page was last modified on 19 Juneat Retrieved from ” https: If you need to reset your cx238883, click here.


Digital Tuner Cards

BTW, all video capture cards uses the same hardware except the chips, so you will not oinux a difference between two manfactures that uses the BT chip. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Lniux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

KWorld support are not interested in providing any assistance getting the device working: Steve Toth The non-PLUS version is completely different.

A lot of people became too accustome to Windows so they will be stubborn switching to another Cc23883 even if the OS like Linux will work better for what they are doing. Check the associated thread for more info A word of caution. I did not get it because it has a radio and a remote.

See the cx2383 page. Kino is like virtualdub, but it has more eye candy. Linux distributions have begun to leave out OSS support in their default kernel. Supported since kernel 2. Also the audio codec is MP3 at Kbit rate.


Conexant CXx – LinuxTVWiki

Linjx is quick, simple and absolutely free. DVB-T card Comes with remote control. Michael Krufky Then you can do anything with that object. Driver appears to have bug which prevents getting a signal lock if more than one of these cards are present.

October 7th, 5. Retrieved from ” https: October 6th, 2. Antenna In Common Interface on board connector.