By isolation level constant. The Performance Tuning Wizard leads you step-by-step through a series of questions about your application. You must set the appropriate properties on every data source that you configure. Configuring a JDBC provider and data source. Click Press Here to Continue.

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Connection Properties

Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing. Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing.

Set the data source custom property snapshotSerializable to true. To allow the Performance Wizard to launch without encountering a security warning message, the security settings in your browser can be modified.

Day One Support for disruptive technologies with frequent release cycles. We keep our SSL version upto date. Blogs Supported Configurations Release Notes.

Data source minimum required settings for Microsoft SQL Server

A new connection window opens. By isolation level constant. Powered by Progress Sitefinity.

You must set the appropriate properties on every data source that you configure. Set the isolation level constant by invoking the setTransactionIsolation method with one of the following attributes: Configure the isolation level on the database.


Introduced in SQL ServerAlways On Availability Groups is a replica-database environment that provides a high-level servet data availability, protection, and recovery. Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing.

A security warning message is displayed. You can supply a security token by specifying one with the SecurityToken connection property or by appending the security token to the Password property. You can learn more over here. This JDBC jdbf supports the following data source: Powered by Progress Sitefinity. The following table describes these isolation levels and configuration considerations. Day One Support for disruptive technologies with frequent release cycles.

Data Connectivity is a critical, but often overlooked component of the IT conject.

SQL Server JDBC Driver for Quick and Powerful Data Access – DataDirect Connectivity

These components datadiret dramatic effects on application performance, reliability and portability. Port is the default. Select the appropriate template for your database, specify server name, port, database name, and any other required properties.

In the first tutorial of the series, we will show you how you can use Progress DataDirect JDBC drivers in your Java application to connect to your database. Upon identification of any security vulnerability, Progress will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to address the vulnerability in accordance with the following policy.


A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you. Security features set in your browser can prevent the Performance Wizard from launching.

JDBC Drivers for Data Integration – Progress DataDirect Connectivity

Increased throughput, CPU efficiency and memory footprint delivers faster response times and more scalable applications. Day 1 Support for any new versions Day One Support for disruptive technologies with frequent release cycles. Application failover and rigorous testing under production conditions offers a proven suite of connectivity products. Technical Support Worldwide technical support services provides round-the-clock technical support and maintenance services to ensure your success.

The classname and connection URL syntax for the Oracle driver jjdbc Enterprise-Class Functionality Critical infrastructure support that eliminates tedious application code and makes it easy to build robust applications.