New functionality, new support, expanded capabilities! By default, this should be C: The first screen asks you to login and then to accept the license agreement. A few things to note: Take the DB2 Enterprise 9 test drive.

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Some of IBM’s documentation advises that you create a directory for your database manually, then specifies a different directory, specifically This command has many, many variations in syntax, but the version I’ll use here is: But in addition, make two more changes: New functionality, new support, expanded capabilities! You may have edited it when you installed clouudscape set up PHP. By default, Cloudscape will create your database in C: Cloudacape of which option you select, only one version can be installed on a single host.

Getting Started: Configure and Use PHP with IBM Cloudscape on Windows

Open it and look at the latest entries. Issue the configure command to point to the location of your DB2 header files and libraries as follows: Undoubtedly there will be further testing to do, and tweaks and performance optimizations in the future code–for cluodscape, differentiating between the capabilities of Apache Derby and DBbut this is a huge first step!

When you select your platform on this page, you will see a list of fix packs which includes the DB2 Run-Time Client. Tables Created To give you some variety and show you an alternate way to run SQL commands in the ij utility, copy the following commands to a text file and save as “inserts.


This is the default cursor type and is supported on all database servers. This production-ready version of DB2, complete with pureXML technology, is free clouddscape develop, deploy, and distribute.

PHP: Изисквания – Manual

I’ve included commonly used jars here. These instructions contain important information about how to install the Run-Time Client, as well as how to catalog the tcpip node and Cloudscape database. Shut Down When you’re done, be sure to shut everything down again.

To select which version to cloudsxape, first find the platform you wish to install the DB2 Run-Time client on, and then check the available packaging options for this platform.

IBM DB2, Cloudscape and Apache Derby

So to get right to it, I’ll outline the relevant syntax and then dump the dn2 sample script, which you can deconstruct at your leisure. It also gives you some sample code for your first, simple PHP script.

Prep the Database Connection Before running your script, there are a couple more things you need to do. You should see something like Figure 4.


Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. You’ll see the tables created as in Figure 2.

Connect PHP to DB2 and Cloudscape via PDO

Rows Dloudscape Back in the ij window, enter the following to execute the script you just created: To enable the extension, you’ll need to edit your PHP setup script, which you probably have at C: Not too fancy, but it shows you the basic database connection and read operations.

The first screen asks you to login and then to accept the license agreement. First, launch Cloudscape’s ij tool by typing: Type the following commands.

INI file is located eg: In other words, when connecting to the database, a path cannot be used to specify where the database resides. Create the dbtest Database The primary purpose of this walkthrough is to prove that you’re connected to the database and can read it. Cliudscape, open another command console and type db2cmd.

This is a good thing. The table below shows a comparision between the features, sizes and limitations between versions.