MPEG-4 channels don’t work with 0. Digital channels still show up, but only when the firewire hasn’t randomly shuffled nodes on me. Even then, they would crop off part of the picture. I ask because you obviously know much more than me on the subject and I’d appreciate your opinion. I have had massive problems with getting reliable recordings tho.

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BB code is On. Unfortunately, I think that problem is TWC related. No Signal for the other HD channels as expected I have my delay set at Enzian Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: MPEG-4 channels don’t work with 0. I spent a long time on the phone with Verizon tech support, and their Cisco firmware person reported back that they are only required to provide video out.

Just got a dct and read a few older posts about doing firewire capture and was wondering if it can still be done with this older model or if shaw here in vancouver island disabled it or added encryption.

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility

I believe that firewire ports are active right across the Shaw fireiwre – they may chose to implement the 5c encryption on some channels in which case a MAc will actually record the many gig, but nothing can be seen In general they do not seem to be implementing 5c With regard to your TV, I am pretty certain you must have a DVHS box in the chain, or the TV wont recognise things I believe you can check whether firewire is active or not by getting into figewire service-like menu: LiveTV works well and box automatically powered on cct changes to desired channel for a recording.


Point-to-point at Mbps is very stable broadcast works also. In fact they tend to be the most stable for me. If you are using the TI chip set then I am going to assume the issue is not the firewire chipset for now.

Are the firewire ports in Edmonton really working, or do they only work on some boxes, I got mine from the U. Mythbackend will not get a lock and capture without modifying firewiresignalmonitor. DCX works much better!

My port started working. There was a program which could crack the encryption, but it was a distributed program and they change keys every minute or 2 so you needed a full set of keys to get the video. I have put hundreds of hours fieewire trying all sorts of settings.

Ya,i read about no firewire capture drivers for 64 bit,ill give it a try in win7 32 to see if if the firewire still works. They are not active and are there for future development. Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xe [0xefff].


Shaw DCT Firewire – SageTV Community

Or even if the firewire port is activated? I think it’s an intel chip, but not sure. Works perfectly, and even seems to be stable with live TV. I am in Calgary with a I tried several firewire cards and even blew my system away and tried Myth TV with the same result. I got a firewire cable from Futureshop, on end is 6 pin the other end is 4 pin.

The only thing that bogs my system down is commflag so I have turned that off. Find all posts by johnyc.

This happens very infreqently. Add your own review. All SD and HD channels including premium work.

Find all posts by viperdiablo. Digital channels still show up, but only when the firewire hasn’t randomly shuffled nodes on me. Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xe [0xeff]. Tried SAHD as suggested above and it would stream but not tune channels.