Picture on the iMac looks better than my 52″ Sony Bravia. The steps to convert. Using P2P at Mbps, it provides a solid picture on broadcast channels, but does not include basic cable channels though they are picked up with a cable card tuner. Fedora 22, Myth 0. IFO files and then exit the tool. You can use ifoedit to change the DVD titleset to start playing the first title automatically instead of going to the menu.

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I updated the ch. I use the avs into h, convert the audio to AAC and mux them back together.

How to use a Motorola DVR/Online help

Click on Have Disk Many HD recordings are marked as damaged and need seektables rebuilt. Did not add an external channel change script. For my firewore, using a Pioneer HDTV, low resolution broadcast material works quite well at a resolution of x So far I’ve been unable to overcome this problem. If you bought an older version of the component, you can update it to the latest version www. I never expected this to work.


You’ll need the following: Make your gloves touchscreen friendly Apple? With the availability of CableCard tuners in the US, most users will likely want to choose that route instead of Firewire for direct capture.

Capture of these channels die with the PAT too large error.

You’re better off capturing in MPEG-2 and encoding later. Even then, they would crop off part of the picture. Visit other IDG sites: I have no idea about HBO or any pay channels. That should help your audio and editing problems. You can buy it dch-6412 Apple www. Obtain the software and drivers needed. Firewire chipset seems to be very important.

DCT64xx Firewire mpeg2 capture using Windows XP Now that the software and drivers are installed you are ready for some firewire captures. After trying a variety of firewire chipsets, the ones that work the best are the latest Agere chips FW v61 with no priming More Details Here Dcy-6412 for tuning, dct-64122 SD channels simply will not work, for example all the Galaxy music only channels between and up we use our low def tuners via svideo for those.


BUP file as well, then exit the tool. I had to add the info for this cable box to ch and use it to change channels, but everything is working very well now. Worked through this guide: Then uncheck Show compatible hardware.

Pre Command and click firwire it. Sux too as there is a movie in there that is not on DVD. IFO files and then exit the tool.

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David [ Reply to This ]. Works perfectly, and even seems to be stable with live TV.

This is all courtesy of the original AVS forum thread you can find here: With the DCT64xx turned on connect up the cable. From the Streamclip website: