Lot of 2 Genuine Dell Hard drive caddies for Optiplex series, possibly others. This refurbished product is tested and certified to work properly. The case on this shows signs of wear from being transported. All this said, your desktop is 10 years old. The other nice thing about going for the replacement drive is that you can just as easily unplug the drive and stick it in a newer computer if you do end up upgrading assuming you either keep with a desktop or buy a USB 3 to SATA drive enclosure if you get a laptop , so it’s not like you’re blowing money down the drain by doing this.

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If your Optiplex case doesn’t have an obvious mounting for a 2. This will work with all sizes of this model computer that use a 3.

We do our best to provide associated product numbers. Dell Optiplex 3. Collaboration is a must, egos are a no-go, and we prefer to do the work instead of just talk about it. Works in desktop or SFF or tower. That having optplex said, I have no reservations about taking this computer apart and replacing the drive. Dell Optiplex Hard Drive Caddy. A belated “Thank you! Intel Pentium D 3.


Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions in the Product Information Guide.

You can save on your new optiiplex by buying one without an SSD and then moving this replacement over.

Which is pretty old for a computer these days. Just buy a new one.

The details on the hard drive as described on the original invoice are: See each listing for international shipping options and costs. When you do eventually decide to replace the computer, you can keep that drive and build a new computer around it. This refurbished product is tested and certified to work properly.

Can a Dell OptiPlex accommodate an SSD? – Super User

Dell Optiplex Ooptiplex create identities and c Statistically, they actually fail less frequently than spinnies. Browse Related Browse Related. If nothing else, I might be able to return home with a solid plan of action in mind. Fits Dell optiplex SFF. And a quick google search indicates that the same is true for the Or do I have options?

Skip to main content. I’ve upgraded Optiplex ‘s to Windows 10 with no issues. If you really want to fix this geriatric Dell, I have a GB SATA Seagate drive you can have if you will mail me back a couple optipkex of cookies nothing fancy, just something that can be found in a supermarket upon receipt.


Dell Optiplex 745 SFF

Do you have esoteric PCIe or firewire devices or the like? I probably should stick to a SATA type, yes? If you really want to stick with what you have, you can drop in almost any SATA drive and keep it going for a while. Consequently I’m not confident in the information provided by the ddell center folks on the retail side. Hey, maybe you got lucky and got the one that will last for another opyiplex years! To avoid damage to the drive, do not set it on a hard surface.

As my luck would have it, this all occurred two days before I left on my annual hike around the desert Southwest.