Chapter 7 2 While pulling on the grip [1], fully open the manual feed cover [2] to the front. It executes shading correction using the coefficient it obtains after correction. Apply blade lubricant TKN along the edge shaded; coming into contact with the photosensitive drum of the cleaning blade. Chapter 7 F 7 Remove the screw [1] from lower right, and detach the front cover strap [2]. Description IC9 controls the processing of images coming from IC12 for output to the printer. DC controller The cleaning operation takes place in response to the following: F 6 Attach the correct size label [1] to the front of the cassette.

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The drum is designed to rotate counterclockwise. F Engage the 4 hooks [1], and attach the developing assembly lid [3] using the 2 screws [2] you removed in step 2. F [1] [1] [1] [1] [2] [2][1] [3]. F 2 Close the hopper assembly.

The pre-exposure LED array is arranged opposite the photosensitive drum, and the LEDs are turned on during printing to remove residual changes from the drum surface and forming stable images.

Develop f f gdi printer scanner driver

Be sure to wipe off any such toner. 131f/1191f not touch the detection widow [1] of the sensor. Be deevlop also to match the rib [4] found at the front of the developing assembly against the right guide [5] found at the front of the machine. F 9 Close the right deck. Chapter 2 F 9 Mount back the fixing front cover and the fixing knob by reversing the work in step 7. F 2 Disconnect the connector [1], and detach the original size sensor unit [2].


When detaching the black developing assembly, be sure to work with the highvoltage cable kept at the top of the assembly so that its connector will not damage the surface of the photosensitive drum.

Scanner Specifications Scan speed Colour: The network PCB is faulty: Chapter 2 not rolled off the skid [2]. T T T Bk: Be sure to close the process unit while the front cover is fully open. Go Or make choice step by step: F When you have replaced the photosensitive drum cleaning blade, be sure to execute the following service mode item.

J used for connection with the original size sensor inch-configuration. If you turn the developing rotary clockwise with a color developing assembly fitted in place, the anti-stray sheet attached to the sleeve of the color developing assembly can come off by friction against the photosensitive drum. Use the links on this page to download the latest version of Develop F scanner drivers. BD sync control circuit 2. When detaching the drum flange, check the location of the marking [2] on the drum flange in relation to the lot No.

If the extension function of the controller is to be used, connect the existing telephone or fax to the connector TEL [2] of the controller while connecting the telephone line to the connector LINE [1] of the controller. The following shows the timing of detection: Chapter 7 1 Remove the 2 screws [1], and detach the right cover upper [2]. Chapter 2 F 5 Mount the controller [1] to the host machine s rear cover upper using 4 screws [2]. Turn off the main power, and check the connection of the 2 types of cables power, IDE connecting to the HDD; then, turn on the power.


Select the driver needed and press.

If the site is in a high humidity environment, turn on the environment switch [1] so that the drum heater will go on regardless of the state of the main power switch [2]. The FG signal is a detection signal used to roughly adjust the scanner motor speed, and it is used at power-on or during last rotation. If dust is detected between sheets, the machine executes dust correction by making correction on the pixels on both sides of the area where dust is found.

Chapter 6 6.

Introduction The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: