Approx 12 hours with Alkaline Dimensions: This is a very nice looking watch with a rugged, well-built feel to it. I made actually a seach and I’m afraid you won’t find any driver Full Accessory Package included with each Recorder. Allows for “hands free” operation and recording of your important cell phone conversations. For telephone recording, simply connect the included analog telephone recording control module to your single line phone jack and all your phone calls , from any extension on line, will be automatically recorded with crystal clarity.

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As if that were not amazing enough, you can also download your favorite MP3 files onto this viasonic and use it as drd tiny MP3 player! Ideal for recording notes on the go, dictation, reminders, or covert recording of meetings. And the best part is that it actually looks like a regular “Ink Pen.

DriverGuide’s installer software Windows only simplifies the driver installation process. All others require connection to a power supply. No more wires, no more headphones, no more ear buds, and no more MP3 player to fall and break.

This tiny but versatile unit offers an incredible 22 hour recording capacity with 64Mb internal memory, excellent sound quality, and features found only in the Diasonic DDR series. So cool even James Bond himself would be proud to wear this watch. Includes free photo editing software disc.


Spymall – Surveillance

Distortion free playback speed option. This tiny but versatile unit offers an incredible 90 hour recording capacity with Mb internal memory, excellent sound quality, and features found only in the Diasonic DDR series. Posted 18 hours ago Be the first to answer. All of your recordings can be diqsonic via line out port to your PC with included software.

Diasonic DDR-3000 (128 MB, 44 Hours) Handheld Digital Voice Recorder

The best surveillance devices are those which can be hidden in plain sight. I have had them for a few days and only the left one has work.

Up to 3 daily, weekly and specific date automatic record times can be pre-programmed. Posted on Mar 30, Be the first to answer. No other digital recorder in the world even comes close.

Easy to read, menu driven control settings assure ease-of-use and correct setting for your application. Posted on Feb 04, Be the first to answer.

Full Accessory Package included with each Recorder. Gone are the days of crappy analog recordings and stacks of micro-cassette tapes. Recorder will begin recording when a call is started and stop when conversation is complete. They will work on Android, but not on iPhone. Built-in stereo FM radio. The right one flashes blue and red to turn on but then turns off immediately. These MB recorders will record up to hours of digital voice recording.


Can’t get any sound from my new system. You may notice that the file size of the installer software is much smaller than the file size of your actual driver.

This amazing new digital audio recorder is cleverly disguised as an innocent looking pen. The DDR offers a high quality built-in microphone and included “tie clip” type microphone.

Author Write something about yourself. If this happens to you, we encourage you to submit the file you download to VirusTotal a free, independent service which identifies malicious content where you will see dozens of other diasonkc scanners report the file is perfectly safe.

Posted 7 hours ago Be the first to answer. Telephone recording Adapter included.