Pluse is the best forehand disc I have ever used. I like to set goals. I also used to flick the Valkyrie when I first started and got some great shots with it. The worst thing you can do is step up to the most overstable discs out there. Discmania PD — Speed: This is Discraft’s fastest overstable driver, with a wide rim and jaw-dropping glide that delivers a new level of distance potential.

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It will also work well for your overhand drives. Feed your need for speed The sidearm can be a great way to do that.

Discraft Golf Disc Stability Guide

Looks like I need to dig into my bag and throw the lot to see what works best for me. Going to mess with this disc forehand tomorrow and see what the results are.

Discraftt keep an overstable Z Nuke in the bag for spike shots and forehand shots that need to turn sharply. When to use a distance driver sidearm disc? All this, packaged in the super grippy, durable and naturally gorgeous Swirly ESP plastic make The Force one of the discrat maximim distance drivers siscraft the market.


If you can grip it, go for it. There is a slight S-curve. If you like the crush and avenger stick with them, they are great discs. Eagle Xs are great fairways, a lot of control and shot discratf. I think that I’m over thinking everything now. Reach For The Chains It’s really frustrating to put your putts on line and have them end up hitting the basket either high or low. Plus, sometimes if you are a right-handed player you just need your drive to finish right.

Some day I’ll learn to forehand midranges for something other than upshots. The dome and rim shape don’t lend well to a nice grip. The ESP line gets a redesign with advanced plastic technology.

Seriously, that is an extremely loaded question. You can use these discs for long distance shots that require you to finish right instead of left if you are a right-handed player.

If the hole is short I will use it off of the tee. It’s so versatile that once you master it you can throw it with virtually any disc in your bag just by changing the angle of release and by landing it properly. These discs have quickly become favorites of mine. All three could overlap a bit depending on plastics and condition.


Discraft ESP Force

So, I’m asking the hive mind this: Meaning you are more consistent and accurate with your forehand at this distance. Flatter putt releases can help to correct this. What type are you looking for, max distance?

For distance, I throw my Star Destroyer. You line up your shot, take your hop step, flick your wrist and just watch your disc fly. To combat this loss of spin it is recommended to throw more overstable driver discs. Flick is impossible fofehand flip, so its awesome if your forehand is chocked full of OATy goodness like mine is.

A missed deuce putt can easily become a testy par putt. The avenger s a great FH disc in my experience, however my favorite FH driver is the champion beast, but that’s just me. The ESP plastic is not only beautiful but durable and grippy.