A new beta version of Region code eraser 2. A patch for firmware 0. This solution is not perfect, you have to reflash the drive each time the counter reach 0, but it the only solution actually. Check the CD page for more details. Look in the DVD page to your drive to dowload what you need. Pulled from a retired computer. I have made a MiniFAQ to resolve the commons problems.

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Make a look to the press release here. Der by Mon, Jan 7. XVI decided to make available the source code of these microprocessor disassemblers.

If by next Friday they aren’t traded, I’ll sell them. Custom Bundle see all. I got some E-mail problem! Updated the GDBX firmware infos. Patch are available for firmware 0. Matshita panasonic CW 1. I have removed the file until a corrected version appear.


Other Companies DVS DSRH Free Driver Download for Windows ME () – hazip

HEX and Version 3. Added older firmware 1. Make a look on the DVD page for more infos.

Do you already have an account? Ported by whacker with the XVI help. Pioneer Australia released firmware 1. Run to the new Fekete Istvan page http: Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Fekete Istvan page http: You are now able to make the drive region free without flashing the drive on a PC i haven’t be able to try it, but it should works, please let me know. I have loose the older news. All patch by Noj who did once again a great job on the Toshiba firmware.

Digital Video Systems intros 6.2X DVD-ROM Drive

Please let me know if they works correctly. Probably all those people I saw asking for drivers just didn’t dwr what they were doing, but, I should check first obviously. No more news for some times probably 2 or 3 weeks. New firmware for the Kenwood TrueX 72X e. People do what they want with their drives.


Here is the firmware 2. The Ripper provided 2 Patched firmware.

There is conflicting report about the new Pioneer DVD List of changes here. Read Speed Write Speed.

Other Companies DVS DSR-600H Free Driver Download

It’s not a firmware upgrade. The final version should be available in the very next days!! The trick is to put a jumper on the middle set of pins to the left of the digital audio out on the far left of the back of the drive.

As i know it’s the first time a Hifi componant can be upgraded by customers.