Suppressive Person Defense League For over half a century, Suppressive Persons have been beastified, attacked and menaced in perhaps the most vicious hate campaign ever manufactured by madness. I doubt I’d be very sunny or rational after all that. So he took a vow from them on this, then prayed to God to grant their request. Certainly, her bad habits brought her to this pass. A special thanks goes to all contributors, credits are placed where due except when authors have request anonymity.

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I think this is the cruelest system ever – not enough that we’re slated to expire at some juncture, but that this cloak of flesh is heir to a million diseases, and as many weaknesses. True enough, what binds us together is an absence of belief, and certainly, most of us agree on certain items, but for the most part, we agree that the supernatural is just some romantic arrested development on the part of most individuals.

The Quranic commentators said that the people of Thamud gathered on a certain day at their meeting place, and Salih came and addressed them to believe in God, reminding them of the favors God had granted them.

Eleven Fifty Style Guide.

The progressive result of this mental condition is to impair judgment and increase suggestibility. Islam is no more nor any less anti-woman than the other two of the big Three Monos. Click image to watch interview.


Operation Clambake present: Anonymous picket against Scientology

This FAQ is to help you understand it better. InPresident Kadyrov issued an edict that banned bareheaded women from entering state buildings. Counterfeit Dreams One man’s journey into and out of the world of Scientology.

Was he really the originator, or just a simple plagiarist? Let’s talk about possession.

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I won’t go into any extended analysis. It represents a useless anachronism that we as a species should be free from.

Then he found Operation Clambake and started thinking. Mentally ill is as mentally ill does. It takes no degree to see how people get swept up by their environment – the attendant synchronization sweeping across the five senses, triggering a plethora of chemical responses, your neighbors grooving to the beat, all those scents, sights, sounds pounding into your brain until you feel that sweet sensation that everyone else is feeling – ever been to a concert?

Not terribly clear on the details yet. As I have dtney elsewherethe human mind can be tricked into displacing itself, and also, our species tends to experience hallucinations on a fairly frequent basis. This web page is a cry from her dad.

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Atheist Random quote generator. More fucktardery from the religious right What the Bleep!

These links may connect you to an outside resource, or send you to a tool that may be needed xue perform a task. Confusion seems to be a steady element in the human condition.


Rendered images of how the Super Power Building is supposed to look like here. Young handled public relations and the media for L. Cross-posted at God is for Suckers! For a more skeptical look, here’s a bit from the Church Of Reality. The Leaky theory of evolution The True.

Then pointing at a rock, they demanded: See how Scientology responds to criticism.

The campaign has the backing of President Ramzan Kadyrov, relied on by Moscow to stabilise the region. It lived among Salih’s people, some of whom believed in God while the majority continued in their obstinacy and disbelief. And his piece about ‘Atheists Behaving Badly’?

Still others claimed that the she camel produced milk sufficient for all the people to drink, on the same day that it drank all the water, leaving none for them. Which is a fine and valid technique if you’re going after an actual epistemologybut fails miserably in this case.

It was a blessed camel, and its milk sufficient for thousands of men, women and children.