The supply type selected here needs to match the supply type that you are using:. DLP users rave about its ease of use and small footprint. Go to the Stock tab, and look at the Type drop-down menu. Then, set the Print Speed to 2 inches per second, and adjust the Darkness slider to near the middle of its range. Download quick start guides, printer manuals, software, printer drivers, and product catalogs.

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DuraLabel PRO 300

After the label is cut, the light will change to solid green. Want to see what your labels will look like? Live Chat M-F 5: Check the Driver Settings Save your label design and close the design program.

If your label design is in DuraSuite, apply the changes, reopen your label, and use the Print Special option to retry printing.

If you see the same error again, please contact our support team for help. Release the power key first, then release the ESC key. These are the default settings for the printer. If error persists, contact Tech Duralavel at Driver Settings Set Mark Height to 0. Then, try printing again. Page 17 Align the label supply under the tape guide, fitting it in the grooved section and then pressing the tape guide into place.


Wipe down the white roller in euralabel back of the system, and anywhere else that you can see dust or paper fibers collecting. It is possible to send the duralanel too much information at once — that is, as a single very long page. You can rename the file in order to transfer it properly.

The SD card needs to be present when the Lobo is powered on. Got it, continue to print. Move the adjustable label guides to hold the label supply in place. Loading Vinyl Supply Move the adjustable label guides to hold the label supply in place. Usually, this setting should be on Cutbut it may be set to None if no cutting is desired.

There may even be no printing ribbon loaded. Be the first to write a review. The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s duralabe on eBay.

Label Creation If you do not follow this step, you will need to create all labels from scratch. Toro Tape Guide Installation. Either there is no label stock loaded, or the printer is having trouble detecting the label stock.


Windows 8 users, do not select the listed printer. Turn the printer back on and try printing your label again. If you are duuralabel unable to print, there may be a problem in the part of Windows that controls the printer. You can store the Templates and Symbols folder in any convenient location on your computer.

Close the printer up again, turn it back on, and try printing once more. The light will flash briefly, then blink in a pattern: If you are still unable to print after restarting your computer, please contact our support team for help.

Customized software Redefine your visual communication program with LabelForge and DuraSuite labeling software.


What issues are you running into? We offer free support for the lifetime of our printers. Check the Ribbon Loading Open the Toro’s lid and raise the print head mechanism, as if you were going prro change all the supplies.