They then informed me that they had installed it wrong, and after 3 more days i finally got it back. Anyone could me tell where a find the motherboard for to buy??? I bought a HP Dv May I doubt doing a full restore would fix the problem. Thanks for any help or advise. Now my only problem with the computer is that it tried to do an automatic update of Windows SP 1 for Vista which got interrupted. When booting up your notebook, hit F10 to enter the restore center.

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This is my ……. From what I understand this is a problem with the GPU overheating.

They might even just send you a new one, considering the amount of things needing to be fixed, and the amount of work to fix it.

And if you know anybody with similar problems by all means steer them my way- particularly looking for Ontario residents- apparantly the law is more favorable for countrywide suites there. I had some wifi problems to where the light was only orange.

HP Pavilion dv Specs – CNET

What else could be wrong? Hopefully, you can provide me some help. Backup all your files first, then restart and while booting when the HP logo shows press F10 to enter factory restore.


Also my sound stopped working. I send my laptop in for repaires. It says I have no sound device installed.

You have to be careful with the clips that hold in the ribbon, they are fragile. My other problem is that I purchased this laptop in the US but I reside in the Caribbean at the moment and the warranty is only valid in the US, so no local agents can help me. Also how much do we get paid for doing all of this high tech work to make these products work? To me, it sounds like you should be covered under this warranty extension, even though if you bought the notebook in Septyou should still be under warranty.

how to fix ethernet issue on HP Pavillion dv Laptop – Microsoft Community

In both of my situations see previous posts they did not reset the computer back to the factory settings. Consider making regular backups with your next computer. So, I encourage anyone having problems to call HP. Sorry, I never replied to your previous comment.

Please contact me at davefarr gmail. If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software.

However, a plug-in headset works. Model is DV series. If so, what happened to your system just before the problem started?

HP Pavilion dv9000 Parts and accessories

I bought a Presario V in in Canada and loved the machine. Their customer service is an absolute disgrace. My notebook continued to operate for another 10 months… 3 weeks ago my wireless card disappeared, so I substituted this with a usb wireless adapter.


She was not helpful, told me I had to call a Case Manager to get ehhernet. A reflow station is commonly used to repair the mainboard, however; a skilled electronics technician is required to do the repair effectively. Just how freaking much labour are these blood suckers…. Any Canadians here being pushed around dv900 HP while trying to warranty their dv or similar Canadian models that are having graphic chip set failures and related problems????

You may also like. Over the last couple of days when i play games, fifaevery 10 to 15 mins, the computer freezes and nothing responds. What is the name and version of your antivirus program?

If this screen appears again, follow these steps: On the list from HP they replace my motherboard, my screen, one of my hinges, my battery, and my mouse.