To determine the protein concentration, the background reading i. Another indication that two nucleic acid sequences are substantially identical is that the two molecules hybridize to each other under stringent conditions e. The excitation and emission slit width were both set at 2. The effect of the detergent component LAS on the activity of 0. Most of these prevalence data are from the results of AAA screening programs, and using detection rate as prevalence rate. In some experiments, a second plate was placed in the microplate mixer for temperature equilibration while the first plate was being read. The storage stability of the metalloprotease in detergent was compared to the stability of the neutral metalloprotease in 50 mM MES buffer, pH 5.

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Free 2-aminobenzoyl-L-alanylglycine Abz-AG in solution has a fluorescence emission maximum at nm with an excitation maximum of nm. Sodium metasilicate SiO 2: The two primers are complementary to their respective strands of the double stranded target sequence. To determine the protein concentration, the background reading i.

The standard procedure for DSC measurements and the theory of the technique is well known to those of skill in the art See e. If so, it is probably inverter board.

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Citrate is a detergent component that rapidly causes the autolysis of NprE, in the absence of calcium. One glycerol vial prepared as described in Example 1 of B. LCD Monitor is black The detergent compositions may comprise at least one r152f e.

In general, proteases hydrolyze amide linkages of proteins via addition of a water molecule to the peptide bond s. In addition, there remains a need for improved methods and compositions suitable for textile bleaching. Indeed, e152c is intended that in addition to s152f metalloprotease, the term encompasses detergents that contain surfactants, transferase shydrolytic enzymes, oxido reductases, builders, bleaching agents, bleach activators, bluing agents and fluorescent dyes, caking inhibitors, masking agents, enzyme activators, antioxidants, and solubilizers.


Accordingly, the terms defined immediately below are more fully defined by reference to the specification as a whole.

For example, most cleaning products include a surfactant system, enzymes for cleaning, bleaching agents, builders, suds suppressors, soil-suspending agents, soil-release agents, optical brighteners, softening agents, dispersants, dye transfer inhibition compounds, abrasives, bactericides, and perfumes. In some alternative embodiments, the following NprE sequence finds use in the present invention.

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Average rates and the standard deviation were the averaged NprE inactivation rate hour -1 from three independent measurements. This Example describes the methods used to purify the neutral metalloprotease expressed by the organisms described in Example 2.

These genes encode “homologous proteins. These primers were produced by Invitrogen 50nmole scale, desalted and are listed in Table It is contemplated that these ions will affect stability by preventing the unfolding and subsequent proteolytic degradation of the metalloprotease.

As used herein, “enhanced performance” in a detergent is defined as increasing cleaning of bleach-sensitive stains e. It may be the result of carryover, jonitor it may be due to the presence of nucleic acid contaminants sought to be purified away from the sample. In some embodiments, the composition comprises an adjunct ingredient. In embodiments in which at least one dye transfer inhibiting agent is used, the cleaning compositions of the present invention comprise from about 0.


In some embodiments, the neutral metalloprotease finds use in cleaning monnitor other applications.

In some preferred embodiments, the composition comprises a sufficient amount of a pH modifier to provide the composition with a neat pH of from about 3 to about 5, the composition being essentially free of materials that hydrolyze monitir a pH of from about 3 to about 5.

Blank controls, as well as a control containing two microswatches and detergent but no enzyme were also included.

monior As used herein, “fabric” encompasses any textile material. All replicates were run side-by-side in the same Terg-O-Tometer e. Similarly, the binding of FluoZin-3 was monitored by excitation at nm and the emission spectra were collected from to nm.

However, our data showed that the prescribing rate was not as high as expectated.

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In preferred embodiments, the cleaning compositions of the present invention are used at concentrations of from about ppm to about 15, ppm in solution. The unfolding profiles indicate the wild-type midpoint and show selective mutants that display increased thermal melting points relative to wild-type and those that display decreased melting points relative to wild-type. The number listed in the primer names See, Table corresponds with the specific nprE mature codon position.