You can choose the interface by your own in the EAC options depending which interfaces are installed in your computer. Using these secure modes, every sector read will be doublechecked and reread or corrected if necessary. ONLY when there are suspicious positions reported, there are really uncorrectable read errors in the resulting audio file. I tried to select several files at once, but afterwards, the first and last file changed place. Is there a site someone here would recommend as the ‘be-all’ Configure EAC site? It is not necessary that the drive is connected to the soundcard by a cable.

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For versions before 1.

This will use a compression setting of 6 for FLAC which is best for the majority of tracks. Click on this entry and follow the dialogs that are shown on the screen, confirm that you really want to uninstall EAC from your computer.

Otherwise, the last two digits are an approximate number of hundredths of seconds, in a range of 00 to The version you are about to download is a generic version and not designed to work with every device. Fac more information on why these options were chosen see the related Hydrogen Audio thread 1. Your next step should be to begin ripping using Beginners guide to ripping with EAC.

To be sure that no important files are overwritten, this option should be left enabled. Therefore, if such a cable is not installed and this option gets disabled, you will not be able to play a CD using EAC at all.


When I look on the harddisk I see that the files are more than MB in size. I recommend to use the appropriate secure mode for your drive. This means that one action is performed while or intermixed with another action. With this option enabled, zspi missing samples are replaced with silent samples so that the duration of the affected output file will be the same as on the original CD.

EACInstalling ASPI () Driver File Necessary?

Of course, then the corresponding option also has to be enabled in the General tab Show status dialog after extraction. Modem 56k – 1 minutes, 4 seconds DSL k – 0 minutes, 14 seconds T1 1. Aug 6, Posts: After copying check the copies out, perhaps there were still errors left. Eaf this does is allow any local software to lock the drive for exclusive use. In order to help other people who are not able to determine their drive’s features, it is recommended to enable this setting.

EAC Options – Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase

Test it with burst mode. EAC’s normalizer determines loudness based on peak amplitude, which can be close, but doesn’t precisely correlate with perceived loudness. This is easier for the transmission of several files.

But the Red Book standard standard for audio CDs is very weak and only little error correction will be performed in adpi drive. The Tools Tab should generally be setup as follows: Download a new one from Adaptec or whomever. Make sure you point to flac. Sun Feb 11, On the Extraction tab you should see the following options:. In default configuration EAC uses the burst mode. The rest of the track is perfect of course. To do so, look at the bottom of the main EAC screen and click the New button:.


Then I tried to re-install EAC and got the following error message: Anything can be done to this sapi or any uncompressed WAV file. The nice side on WAVs is that it could be wrapped on any compression aec which an audio codec exists in Windows.

EAC problems

It could help to use the cool down feature let it cool down every min for several minutes, perhaps this already solves it. But there is still a problem, as some drives do not report these errors correctly, so you should test it thoroughly before trusting the results. If EAC encounters problems with an extraction, it slows down, which is fine.