Enhanced Security and Durability The IDX enhances card security and durability through the ability to laminate translucent holograms and rugged polyester patches on both sides of the card. As the latest in the CX series, the printer delivers the maximum impact and ease-of-use with glossy photo, real edge-to-edge printing, remains free of head-damage and offers real versatility all with a dramatically smaller body design. These are the retransfer film and color ribbon. You can also network up to 6 printers to run simultaneously, resulting in as many as single-sided cards per hour. Your question has been sent to the auctioneer. Now you can produce single-sided or 60 dual-sided high-security cards in only one hour. Cannot print into depressions often found on smart cards and RF Proximity cards.

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Cookies help us deliver our services. If LTC Auctions LLC or its consignor is unable to deliver any lot or any necessary documentation required in respect of any lot, their sole and exclusive liability shall be the return of any monies paid on such lot. Enhanced Security and Durability The IDX enhances card security and durability through the ability to laminate translucent holograms and rugged polyester patches on both sides of ediguarx card.

Option for hot-swap warranty service and uplifts to warranty. Send a copy to my email address. Please check your email account for more details.

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Since then we have established ourselves at the number one specialist in this technology with a substantial installed based of satisfied customers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. YMCK with transfer up to cards per hour.

EdiGuard IDX Consumables

Feb 26, id EST. High Quality Create perfect prints every time. Neither LTC Auctions LLC, nor its consignors, have any liability of any nature whatsoever to Purchaser if the lot is not delivered to Purchaser due to fire, theft, damage, or any other cause. Drop-in loading for cartridges and film, a card supply drawer that can be reloaded during printing and color-coded display panels make the IDX simple to operate by anyone in your organization.

The DNP CX printer then via a heated roller ediugard the retransfer film onto the card bonding the image to the card. CR ISO For general shipping information from the auctioneer please see below: This process is efficient, inexpensive and allows the card printer to move the material directly under the print head for printing but has some limitations such as.

This is particularly important when printing to expensive smart cards that often are imperfect cards which will edigiard problems in traditional direct to card printing.

Our Service Bureau – CardStyle. Watch the auction as a guest. Ends from Mar 12, The IDX was designed with the end user in mind. LTC Auctions LLC strongly recommends to all edigaurd to thoroughly inspect all items before the auction on which bidder intends to bid. The printer itself also comes with password protection to avoid unauthorized use. You have been outbid. Your question has been sent to the auctioneer. Come back when bidding opens to start edigguard.


Your bid or registration is pending approval with the auctioneer. No person shall have any claim against LTC Auctions LLC, its consignors, agents, employees, directors or principals for any injuries sustained or for damages to or loss of personal property, which may occur from any cause whatsoever.

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Unfortunately, your registration has been declined by the auctioneer. Absolutely no warranty or representation, written or oral, is given with any lot.

EdiGuard IDX380

As a result, card production is streamlined, cost efficiency is increased and printing errors are greatly reduced.

There is no need to factor in the cost of a replacement print head due to the unique printing process and lifetime print head warranty. Ahead of Printing Innovation The IDX Retransfer Card Printer is the culmination of the technological development and is the most innovative card printer available for all types of card-issuing applications.