Eee PC models have typically used netbook specific processors or ultra-low voltage versions of mainstream processors. Its keyboard is still too small for our liking, but currently it’s the pick of the netbook litter. Users who type a lot and want a bright display, should acquire one of the 10″ counterparts i. Please JKK help would be appreciated. Pocket Lint It’s hard to get truly excited about the Asus Eee PC as it’s not so much a re-invention of the but what should have been released in the first place. Some Eee PC lines such as the HE and s uses the island-style keyboard , similar to keyboards used in Apple computers and Sony ‘s VAIO series, where the keys are reminiscent of Scrabble tiles, being spaced apart and raised from the surface below. It also has wireless and on some models, Bluetooth.

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In JanuaryAsus officially ended production of their Eee PC series, citing declining sales due to consumers favoring tablets and Ultrabooks over netbooks.

Experience Easy, Excellent and Exciting Computing with New Eee PC™ 901

The B has USB 3. Microred, the problem with bluetooth is that it’s just too slow. Cards like SierraWireless 3G card supports turning it off from software, but some other cards doesn’t. The dark display still effectively prevents the usage outdoors.

The series launched at Computex Taipei on 3 Eeepcc How the heck to you find out which pins to short???


Asus Eee PC 901

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. This results in a very fine resolution of dpi a “normal” notebook with a The ports remain the same Products may not be available in all markets. The HD released in September is a slightly cheaper version of the series.

Web videos, depending on the data rate, can also be enjoyed. And the small keyboard makes it almost impossible to use the finger system without looking.

Please, switch off ad blockers. I was interested in the extra mini pci-e slot for a second ssd. In an EE talk, [32] [33] an Asus engineer mentioned that the Eee PC uses the keyboard shielding as a heat sink to absorb the heat generated by the processor. Thanks to the compact case and the light weight Although the screen resolution on the series is x, it has pixel mapping memory addressing which covers a virtual x desktop.

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Thanks to the Multitouch function, one can scroll and zoom with only two fingers, like in the new Apple notebooks. The dominate display hinge was a bit stiff both hands were required for opening in our test device but made no disturbing noises. Part of the above problem extends from the fact that the entire range was substantially more successful than Asus had originally anticipated.

Comparativa de Netbooks de 8. I’v had my eeepc for well over a year now and I love it.


In addition, the small netbook received new wireless communication techniques. Archived from the original on 13 August Why the hell did they put the input plug in to the motherboard then? It shows they are listening to their customers and making a valiant attempt erepc stay ahead of the curve in what is rapidly becoming a very competitive market.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Retrieved November 1, The Eee PC is still an impressive mini notebook or “netbook” for your travel needs, but we hesitate to recommend this particular notebook over the newer Eee PC H which features a larger keyboard, larger screen, and a larger capacity traditional eeepx drive.

Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. In the whole, the Eee PC remains considerably more silent than deepc original and can be used for working in quiet surroundings. Users have tried to install various other operating systems on Eee PCs.