The only thing I did differently was exclude –mplayer 1 in the command, but it would say “bad option: Michael Escamilla December 11 at September 23rd, It appears your issue is not related to Firefox, but instead to winamp. System Details Windows 10 Firefox For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

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Thanks in advance for your help. Could anyone have a bright idea?? For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

Ubuntu Manpage: electricsheep – a distributed screen-saver (version b12)

What do you think about an Electric Sheep like streaming service? Topic Customize controls, options and add-ons. The default is 3. If your client is having trouble completing frames because it is spending all its CPU time in the display process then decreasing this might help. I think it’s a Windows 10 problem, because I have here a laptop running Windows 7 SP1 and another one running Windows 10 April Updatebut this started long before this update. Excellent for meditation, relaxation, and visual dreaming at any time.


howto set your background to electric sheep screensaver – Page 3

It videl allows one to run on a computer without an X display at all. None of this problem in Windows 7, my screensavers will run over downloaded You tube videos!!! You can also set it to stop running when your battery gets low. Also, visualizations are important to me, in addition to Milkdrop and Morphyre, I have 3 of the best visualisations ever, from Soundspectrum: Users may not subvert the protocol of the sheep server.

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You can restore the app, and it will come with points that you can download new sheep. Make your screen brighter with Hologram Wallpapers. The default is 0.

The app is specially designed to minimize power consumption. These videos can be very small, just like small MP4 videos. If you want it to go faster, use the preferences.

The default is 1. Michael Escamilla December 11 at If you want to change how the videk communicates with the server, contact the server’s administrators first. Some jobs rendered by the network may be for images or animations which are not sheep at all, and will not appear in the screen-saver.


Donald Bean December 18 at You shouldn’t need to have opacity that high to see the sheep at all My screenshot was at 0. For those who don’t want a screensaver to run over their ppreferences, they just have to do the reverse and check “Disable If both –root and -window-id are specified then -window-id takes precedence.

This has been the case for a while, but I’m just getting around to posting. Chosen Solution No, I am not clicking once the screensaver has started, Flectricsheep know that would make it stop.

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Helpful Reply It appears your issue is not related to Firefox, but instead to winamp. Zero 0 means there is no minimum. All feedback is appreciated and will be taken into consideration. Not displaying the sheep allows one to contribute rendering more rendering cycles because no CPU time is spent on display.