I have once committed the mistake of telling in the morning my girlfriend of that time to pop out like a pimple. The shape itself is a completely simple brick, this is not the part which makes the Ki a hit, but the perfect contrasts have this effect. Of course she woke up immediately and never forgot this. It would be a bit too rash to form an opinion of the enclosed earphone; probably a usual headset will be in the box which can be changed to a different one, in return for some money. The list is made complete with the built-in RSS reader, whose importance is uncontestable for news-sensitive people like us.

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The browser itself functions in landscape view too, but this is a function which has been already present on previous Sony Ericsson models, so we need not amazed. Test pictures can of course be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails below. On the QVGA resolution, perfectly visible screen with a great contrast and brightness we can see the user interface characteristic of the manufacturer.

The only problem is that the labels near the buttons become invisible, so when writing a message it sometimes becomes hard to figure out where a character or the space key is. Exterior The Ki unambiguously and exclusively goes for the exterior, but that is much stressed.

Sony Ericsson K660i – vegetable

The Wi has been finally released and it turned out to have the same machine inside like its predecessor a year before. Practically this means that the site shrinks to page width, this way we can navigate through it; this can also be activated from the menu and is not a new feature either.

Sony Ericseon Ki at a glance Available: The Ki unambiguously and exclusively goes for the exterior, but that is much stressed. The whole white, Plexiglas-like panel dawns faintly in darkness, the buttons received a separate lighting; the Ki is really spectacular at such times. Sony Ericsson Ki – vegetable. It makes me very sad that nowadays Sony Ericsson is not the manufacturer we got to know a few years before. These little plastic things are completely easy to handle, I had only one problem and that was the backlight.


These two features aside, the Sony Ericsson Ki is otherwise pretty standard fare. The layout is still based on tabs; the first column displays the most important information, while the others are for the least important ones. However near the buttons there are small icons, which are enlightened in green when browsing, these are used to ease use. The device — which should be held horizontally when taking pictures — has a fast viewfinder, exposition is immediate, the available functions and settings reach the level characteristic of the brand size, quality, luminosity, environmental profiles, shutterbut unfortunately the Ki is a negative exception from the K series models.

The other important feature is an improved web browser, designed to be much more like a PC browser, complete with a pointer and scroll bars, along with a screen that can be used for web browsing in either portrait tall or ercsson wide modes. This green with this white is simply genial. We had the Fthe great Gthe G equipped with an optical zoom, ericxson the surprisingly good F test coming soon.

With the help of the topmost, the URL text box opens up, which can be accessed through the options menu too. The Ki k6660i x 47 x Voice quality was flawless; the sound recorder can record calls too.

Meanwhile the others are silently slipping away. The navigational and function buttons placed in the green band have the k660u layout, however the bright white area under these is equipped with round buttons, similar to those on the Ki. In accordance the 2 megapixel camera peeping at the back of the phone has only fixed focus, moreover it has to take photos without the help of a flashlight, which can be observed in the quality of the pictures, especially in winter.


In a conclusion I can only repeat myself: Sony Ericsson Ki at a glance. I had the possibility to choose from two colors and so will the customer have these two choices: It’s a 3G phone with a k66i0 x pixel display, 2 megapixel digital camera, video calling, stereo Bluetooth, a multimedia player, FM radio, email client, web browser and R. The design is still okay, but this is a matter of taste and the menu system would slowly need a careful facelift.

Sony Ericsson Ki – Wikipedia

The battery beneath the back cover is a mAh one, the phone has an online time of days with this, although if we tamper much with it, this value starts to decrease rapidly. To make the picture complete, a little chrome has also been used by the designers, so the overall ericszon is flawless.

There’s a mapping application too. Subscribe to our newsletter for more news on upcoming releases.

The second key the 6 brings up the list of favorites, thank you. We were scolding Samsung before for the same thing we are reproving Sony Ericsson for thereupon k66i Korean manufacturer is lately just throwing out phones which, even if they are not a revolution, have something new on them.