Comment 25 Geoff N Comment 28 Geoff N If you want it to be dynamic though, you really need to use xrandr. Can we force VGA-0 in xorg. I can provide a patch if you like. After a bit of hunting around, it appears the KVM connects pins 4 and 11 to ground when the focus is off that monitor, so that graphics drivers are fooled into thinking a Colour CRT x is connected. Comment 10 Geoff N

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On Fedora Core 5, both monitors using driver 6.

Which is great if I was using that output. Try running xrandr from xterm or gnome-terminal or whatever X terminal app you are using. You also have cases like DVI-I where you don’t rs1000 whether the attached monitor is digital or analog and hence which encoder to ee1000 the connector with.

Connecting the monitor does not resolve the issue. I tried adjusting the Options as you suggested and got the same behaviour as above.


– Display is washed out on 2nd monitor – ATI ES chipset

Mirror image on both. Fine prior to X starting text mode. The monitor with the bleached out look stays on.

Hi Alex, I uploaded the config file as well as the log file. Comment 25 Geoff N How we collect and use information is described in our Privacy Policy.

Comment 22 Geoff N Either run ‘xrandr –auto’ to redetect the attached monitors or force the output on as per comment Comment 31 Alex Deucher Comment 8 Alex Deucher Two VGA ports I assume?

Comment 23 Alex Deucher Best regards, Adalbert Comment 20 Alex Deucher Display is washed out bleached on 2nd monitor. Currently, I’m in contact with ATI to get an solution for this.

Please try again with xfvideo-ati 6. Thanks for your continued assistance.

Setting to PS2 let the image become normal. Output VGA-1 using initial mode x The driver is not able to detect a monitor attached to the second output so it does not turn the output on. We just have to ensure that the monitor is powered on and connected when the blade with the ATI ES boots.

  ATI 109 48300 00 DRIVER

ATI ES1000

After applying the change to xorg. Comment 7 Geoff N In case of a connected monitor, the value is 0xe Comment 20 Alex Deucher I don’t want to specify the Modelines as I can’t guarantee what monitor our customer will eventually connect. If you don’t know what sort of monitor will be attached xrandr is really your best bet. I might need that patch still unless you know of another Device parameter if the customer’s KVM doesn’t offer the signalling mentioned above.

Best regards, Adalbert Comment 17 Alex Deucher Comment 2 Geoff N Comment 6 Geoff N