Comparative summary for and Faculty, atudenta, and degrees, Table The majority of women, however, are attending arte and sciences. Supplementary MonW funds Table Variations among institutions in their usage of items contained in the questionnaires still constitute a major source of difficulty in statistical.

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Nevada stands at the head of the list each year. Nebraaka Nevada New Hampshire. Doc 25 20 Problem of Compiling Statistics regular session.

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This is an increase of 72, or 5. Within these pages are reports of the Great Chicago Fire in and other news events in a vibrant city of national economic and political importance. Percents of increase from are: This regularity is especially noticeable from on, although it is not apparent in all sections of the country. Fublidy controlled PrivatelT controlled Tmehers coucfns: Clearly, the results of any compilation based on this question will depend on whether temporaiy alldtments from, emer- gency funds are included in the statements or not.


The North Atlantic States spent only two-fifths of 1 percent, but other sections spent more, the South Atlantic States reaching 0. In the North Central group the in- come was still sightly below that for These included ath- letics, boarding and rooming houses operated by the institutions, stu- dent unions, student infirmaries, and similar extracurricular activities.

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The greatest net improve- ment over The majority of women, however, are attending arte and sciences. All State-supported institutions of collegiate grade. Details of the contributions of this type in and earlier years arc found in table XII.

Sg I il ppfi? Changes in phrasing the various items of a questionnaire are made from time to time in order to reflect changing. SupplMnentary MorriU funds Table This trend is even more apparent when undergraduate enrollmt’nts in colleges and universities of a given year are conipared with those in secondary schools 4 years earlier.

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These numerical estimates ses based on reports from institutions having well over 90 percent of the total undergraduate enrollment for each year, and the percentages used in the table are calculated on this basis so as to approximate the actual total freshman students divided by the total enrollment undergraduate and graduate.


United Stales,by divisions Division 1 t I 4 1 1 I. Dolaware Dlftrlct of Columblii.

New York North Carolina. PuUiely controlled institutions 3. Maine 7, 7. Ail iDStitutions of higher education, Non-deeree irantinr junior colkfee: Summaubr bt rtatbr— Cototlnued.

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Independent professional and technological schools: D ise L. Faculty, students, and degrees. These percentages of increases from to are much more uniform than those shown from to