This is where ballooning comes into place. This procedure modifies the Windows registry. Back up the virtual machine’s configuration file. This is very close to what top and free report as free memory when there is no VMWare ballooning happening. Thats where balloon driver come into picture. The server allows you to power on a virtual machine only if the CPU and memory reservation is available.

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Note that Balloining kicks in only when hypervisor swapping is called. Before making any registry modifications, ensure vallooning you have a current and valid backup of the registry and the virtual machine. Request a Product Feature. You can generate a custom vCenter performance charts to understand the Memory ballooning stats of all virtual virtual in the ESXi host or individual Virtual machines.

If you are over-committing your hosts then this is an important topic to review.

Understanding VMware Ballooning

Ballooning makes the exx OS aware of the low memory status of the host. In our lab, we found that with MC, the potential of performance hit due to swapping are significantly reduced by examining the CPU memory latency with or without swapping.

The hypervisor maps memory when the virtual machines asks for it. Both the vmmemctl and the VMkernel swapping operation are expensive from a VMkernel, disk and guest OS perspective, and both are vey disruptive to the guest OS.


The host will then reallocate that memory to other virtual machines. In that doc, in the reservation section it says: If memory is not available the memory can med mapped to the. Click on the row next to it and add 0 in the text box.

But they emit a warning which says:. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Just remember page file swapping is better than hypervisor swapping. This article helped but additional information was required to resolve my issue.

Understanding VMware Ballooning

Email required Address never made public. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. Microsoft Excel as an application will ask the windows guest operating system for memory. Memory Ballooning is one of the common question which are asked during VMware Administrator interviews to test the knowledge of the candidate because there are lot of misunderstanding out there about this feature.

Here is what I see: This post we are going to understand in detail about Memory Ballooning. Hi Vladan, good article as usual.

What is VMware Memory Ballooning?

In that case, the memory is overcommitted of about 2GB. This driver is called a Balloon Driver. If you have access to the VMWare console you can see how much memory the VMWare host has asked the guest to balloon but it would be really nice to be able to see this from the guest since often the group managing Access Manager does not have access to the host console.


I wanted to ballponing on this a little more so that I can completely understand what your response was regarding a “default” that ESX does. Actions Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied!

When resources are not used, the ESX Server host makes them available to other virtual machines. There is balloon driver called vmmemctl.

Here are several examples to set ched. We have not tried to change the Mem. This deflating process runs slowly unless the guest requests memory. IMHO I don’t see much interest in doing that. This means the guest operating system, like the VM host, does not have good information about which memory pages should be swapped to disk. ballooing