October 9, at The flyback I have choosen puts out a strong arc with my driver. Mads I thank you for this forum too! I do not think there is too much of a difference between them but just though I would double check. It is no good in this circuit with its low voltage and current specification. As for the transformer there is no overcurrent protection so when one got fried the other also got fried.

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Also do not forget to heatsink the rectifier. The mains voltage here is V so running it off mains is not something ill be doing any time soon, although my Solid State Tesla coil runs off mains.

Saattvik December 25, at Inspired by the point to point soldered designs Myke from the 4hv. It is very hard to get it done but if it could be implemented it can guarantee the stability of the driver and save a lot of money and effort.

The core was made as small as possible, so the transformer rated for w is just an ordinary W transformer. The primary coil corresponds to the primary of TR1 in Schematic 1.

The ratings of these body diodes can be inferior and thus a faster external diode is used. The wire tlyback in the choke must be able to handle the maximum current demanded of the power supply without significant core losses. I can also salvage the heatsink and cooling fan from it. January 13, at Some circuits use center-tapped primary and a single choke between the center tap and the power supply.


Flyback transformer – Wikipedia

Static buildup from the monster flyback driver, or the kV multiplier, is fluback less pleasant though. Now, this driver is really good when it flybadk to efficiency and output current in comparision with other topologies, however, it is quite difficult to obtain more than 40 kilovolts out of a single DST flyback without increasing input voltage, thus stressing the components more, or without an external high voltage multiplier.

This same site also discusses the driver when used for a ZVS induction heater.

Photo 2 shows the heat sink assembly for the two FETs. See the results given above for the choke coil. That is good for normal operation, V and up to flyyback an hundred KHz. Diodes rated at more than Volts are commonly-available and can be “pulls” from old switching power supplies. From the oscilloscope reading, the maximum voltage is 7.

Just let me know in the comments here, I will not be offended in any way if you do not want me to enable adverts on the video I uploaded above. Also it may be way too powerful for simple ozone generation.


Mazilli ZVS flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

I have ordered parts for the ZVS driver you are using. The lfyback stored in the magnetic core is released to the secondary as the magnetic field in the core collapses. I have 18v Zenner diodes and i cant remember which the ultrafast diodes are.

It is rated at Volts and 6 Amperes available in a TO package. Ignition coils are not center tapped primary though, so a different version driver flyvack need to be used, more like a Meisner oscillator, with a resonant capacitor across the primary.

January 7, transformeer Waveform Across Primary, with Active Arc. If a surplus core cannot be salvaged from an old power supply, the choke toroid can be ordered from Amidon. It runs 48V DC 20A when under full power.

ZVS Flyback Driver G1

Longest arc — mm long white arcs Schematic. Thermal transfer is enhanced with heat sink compound on the backs of the FETs and on the surface of the heat sink.

October 7, at The FETs are isolated from the heat sink with heat-conductive pads. The information has been extremely helpful for me!