Definitely not the easiest thing. I have tried this example and it works great, but I have a problem. More and more silicon vendors including Freescale are offering microcontrollers with USB on the chip. All my components do not require a license. Hi Brynn, check the following project setting: So a lot of complexity to send some strings over a serial wire.

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The problem is that the K64F has a memory protection unit, and this needs to be disabled before using the USB! I need to make sure that the engineer in the field is equipped with the converters too. It is really hard to isolate the files and functions you need. With the driver installed it should show the device as specified in the.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Maybe it is this: The components and the example project can be downloaded from here. This is shown in details in this post: Have a nice day. Otherwise it might be hard dreescale tell what the problem could be.


Have you some information about this issue? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is what I get in the configuration tab:. Many thanks for your great work again! Yes, I have tried to use cdc. Sometimes it takes a long time for a break through, as in this case. The above application is a very simple one, and does not use an RTOS. They offer as well software and USB stacks. Thanks Giovanni Like Like. I have tried this example and it works great, but I have a problem.

So I was able to get the demo project working up to a point — the driver is working and it looks good in the device manager for cc connection to my unit. Maybe interrupts are switched off somewhere?

USB or not: CDC with Processor Expert

Hi Daniel, glad to see that it works now for you. Hi, just tried the last version of the PE 1.

Hi Garreth, Does it work with the example from http: Now the LEDs work! The issue with the USB0 name can be easily changed by you: Are you using the JM? Many thanks again freescal your help!


USB is not simple. Hello, First, big thanks for you blog, and for all infos inside. Is there anything I could do to adapt this PEx component to make it available again?

Install Drivers for NXP FRDM-KL25Z Board – MATLAB & Simulink

First of all, thanks for this great tutorial! What is the proper way to do this and how can I do it? It comes with documentation and examples and supports many processors and USB modes.

Thanks for answering Erich!