When there is enough work, you can make very decent money. I don’t see the cost savings in that scenario. They have large banquets every year to celebrate drivers. Ten weeks a year you are forced to work a minimum of 55 hours a week. Don”t trust anyone because they will throw you under the bus.

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Steady, busy, fast paced, enjoyed the oppurtunity to have great benefits with in the company ready to advance.

Frito-Lay Pay & Benefits reviews: Truck Driver

They have all kinds of discounts and benefits that you’d expect from a large company. Our mechanics are great group of guys also.

The job has unreal expectations, you are expected to be perfect all times and the one time you’re not, they will write you up no matter how “minor” the incident. Extremely physical hard work unloading trailers and at the mercy of mother ote.

Frito-Lay is hiring OTR Company Dry Van Drivers | Bubbajunk

Very poor work life balance. Stressful place to work at company does not care about you. Team oriented with personal responsibility to each employee. It is a point right away. Then frigo for it!! And how do they pay you back for the hard work? Energizing place to work but tiring too. At first you think you have died and went to heaven.


Yes, but anyone working 70 hours per week will make pretty good money. Write ups, write ups, write ups. No sleeping in the truck you stay in hotels.

Working as a Truck Driver at Frito-Lay: Employee Reviews |

Production is more important than your home life. After awhile you realize it frtio a big facade and ultimately they will outgun you and take you down if you use too many benefits, get injured, and get too close to being vested for your pension. Our mechanics are great group of guys also.

Diversity score 57 out of Our community is ready to answer. Work atmosphere is very friendly. It’s unlike most trucking jobs. Most of our deliveries are to our Sales organization facilities and our plants.

Apply Today with Frito-Lay. BBQ cookouts, fritk, bags, coffee cups, yeti cups, hats, awards, gold rings and watches.

Training and safety culture are heads above standard. It’s setup for the driver to be independent. Well compensated but long hours. Very hard work, very long hours, split days off, holiday work, no family life. Most of our runs are out and back the same day or with 1 layover. Frito-Lay drivers are involved lag engaged in our business and are a very important part of our success.


The job has unreal expectations, you are expected to be perfect all times and the one time you’re not, they will write you up no matter how “minor” the incident. You work up to 14 hours a day while another driver frto and gets paid for it. Their is only 1 decent thing at Frito and that was the money, BUT you were treated so bad and never saw my family in 5 years of working their and again the company as a whole treat you like utter garbage, it’s such a poisonous work environment that I could not run fast enough out the door to a different job.

Just don’t get sick or call off. Don’t screw up because they will nitpick til the cows come home.