For information on how to change parameter values, refer to “Print Mode” P. Normally, plain paper is set. Any documents with a copy protection code cannot be copied. For information on Mailbox Viewer2 settings, refer to “Import settings for scanned documents” P. Stamp Adding a Stamp when Scanning a Document

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Switch off the product promptly and contact your local Fuji Xerox representative. The data saved in the hard disk of the machine may be lost if there is any problem in the hard disk. Command Sets the method for specifying the print xerrox.

Auto Center A feature that automatically moves an image to the center of paper when copying. For information on how to define stamp text, refer to “Annotation – Create Stamps” Use a broom or a wet cloth to wipe off spilled toner.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 Photocopier

Cause The login name is not entered correctly. Refer to the Network Administrator Guide for details. Paper Type Priority Set the paper type priority sequence for automatic tray selection. Refer to “Loading Paper in the Trays 1 to 4” wrinkled. Select the item to be set.


CartridgeMate ยป Fuji Xerox APEOSPORT II Laser Cartridges

The fax transmission costs can be reduced apeospoort locating the fax gateway and fax machines within an area where the same local rate applies. Xetox on the [Import] button removes stored documents from the mailbox, and saves them in the specified directory.

Continuous form paper 15 x 12″ []: Changing Scan Settings You can change scan settings while scanning the document. Select [Error Diffusion] or [Dither] depending on the halftone processing to be used for reproducing photo images.


The phone number is incorrect or the destination machine does not have the feature you specified. CentreWare Internet Services allows you to import documents from a machine’s mailbox to a computer through no application software.

Unable to Copy Follow the procedure below if you cannot copy documents. E-mail Subject Set the e-mail subject using the following procedure. To prevent characters being garbled when switched from one character set to another, you can restrict the input to ASCII characters only. Turn Wheel 2c in the direction of the arrow to eject the jammed paper.


Selecting A Mailbox 6 Send from Mailbox Selecting a Mailbox Selectable mailboxes depend on the settings on the user authentication feature. Select [Screen Default], and select [Change Settings]. The method of dialing provided by the machine include: Page – Specifying a Apeosoort using a One Tou You can change the sizes displayed on the screen.

Action The machine does not receive a fax in the system administration mode. No date or time is printed.

If the indicator does not light up, the machine may be trying to detect a document on the document glass. There are two ways of selecting xeorx language: Number of punching holes: The document size can be selected from A-size papers 6 sizes: Use only drum cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox. Auto Start This sets auto start of the job flow for documents stored in the mailbox. Orange lever Close the front cover of the finisher.