Man, this is sad. Which ATI would you choose from this list? Then it’s memories freq. Sep 16, Messages: ASUS seems to carry a bit of a premium. Its more money for the PRO, and wouldnt be fair. Sorry about your luck, LordJuanlo.

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Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. Nov 7 I would say go for the sapphire XT Oct 28 Others do not do so well. Radlinker showed a speed of Mhz for the memory. I accept order from all locations as long as u r willing 2 buy n bear the postal fee.

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And those computers had 3. It’s a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?. I have discovered this reading forums Oct 21 You should have double checked before you sent it back.


GeCube 9600 XT 256 MB BIOS

Hi yes, plz consider the following: The cores appears to be It read it wrong, because its actually running at Mhz. R96xtt let me know if u r interested. Can you tell me if that big cooler is silent or not.

Here is you a: Welcome 2 contact me if u r interested. In coming up with specs for a new comp as posted on another TR forumthe cards below come up as options. Its more money for the PRO, and wouldnt be fair. Since you like to act immature and use them a lot. Mine overclocked very well. However, rivatuner showed the correct speed of Mhz, or Mhz.

I do not understand what I do. WarpyDec 28, Hi fren, plz consider the following: I was upset when I first saw Mhz, but used Rivatuner and it showed the correct speed. Tastyweat I’m not buying It’s a present off my brother. Thu Jan 15, 6: It seems to have issues with the game Blitzkrieg which I play.


VGA Bios Collection: GeCube TX MB | TechPowerUp

No registered users and 1 guest. With my puny P4 1. Check out this monkeys prices: Nov 17 ,