Crazy Talk works with Windows 10 or previous versions but the Genius utility only works in Windows 7 or previous versions. These are some of the toughest questions you may get on your DVSA theory test. Take free mock theory tests or upgrade to Premium with a Pass Guarantee. The DVSA will require you to wait at least 3 working days before you can take your test again. Unfortunately, we do not offer global warranty on our products. These are the hardest questions most people fail.

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Feels like the real thing.

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You can end up paying less by choosing a car that is in a low insurance group. Making a stop Making an angle start pulling out from behind a parked vehicle Making a hill start Making an emergency stop Reversing around a corner Turning in the road Parking in reverse Driving independently for 10 minutes. The software in the package is a application, it only works with Win7 and previous versions.

I have a webcam, when I installed the software, it is asking me to key in the password, what is the password? The biggest error to avoid is rushing through questions. Section two consists of 14 video clips also known as Hazard Perception Testeach about a minute in length in which you must spot as many hazards as possible. In fact, there are no requirements about who needs to accompany you.


We try to make it easier to stay motivated and on track with our little compliments and suggestions. Some of the toughest questions abour parking, lane usage, traffic signs, road markings, rules of the road, and general safety.

No hints or explanations. The purpose of the photo is to be able to identify who you really are. You will have to do your research. Owe this website a lot. However, according to the feedback we have had from our users, our questions are very similar and often identical to the actual theory test questions. I lost the Webcam CD and would like to install Crazytalk software for the cam.

As soon as you feel you benius ready, though, you may pay the retest fee and schedule to retake the test again. You must sign up for your provisional licence through the DVSA office.

The easiest thing to do is be prepared. The DVSA requires all drivers to carry third-party motor insurance at all times.

It usually takes from one to three weeks for your provisional licence to arrive.


Adapter Cable for USB Interface HoTT / GM-Genius 7168.8

They all work with this webcam. Just sat the theory test 2 days ago and passed. These are the questions that applicants often fail. Another set of 50 hard questions for your theory test geniys that will help you pass your official DVSA exam in Study these 50 hard questions that are based on facts directly from the Highway J manual.

Does CrazyTalk work with Windows 8 or 10 or later version?

I seriously recommend this site, saved me big time! Please understand that drinking and driving is dangerous and foolish. Taking Your Driving Theory Test: Yes, you can download it here!

You can visit your local DVSA officeor apply online or by post. You should practise all of the skills required in order to handle a vehicle safely. Take the advice and practise. Covers the first 50 questions from our “Hard” section.