Mouse Mackenzie and family with Rick and Sue. Yes, the chores still had to be done, one outfit had to be hooked, water buckets had to be emptied and refilled, manure had to be hauled away and new bedding had to be forked in, but with that all aside, it was pretty much a relaxing kind of day. This morning he could hardly wait to get up and go to play with the Gorst girls. Races were at 2pm so the chores got done this morning, we had our breakfast and a couple of hours down time, and then it was back to preparing for the races. He felt pretty bad when he came back to the barn.

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He was a great one and they named him The Bonnyville Bullet. Cole rode Bingo tonight gworge Dustin was on Trixter. This helps me out tremendously.

Bonnyville Chuckwagon Championship

Coy and his new friend Nicole. They had some games and prizes, and auction items with proceeds going to a local group raising funds for an autism awareness group in their community. He was never paralyzed but the accident set him back quite a bit in all his faculties. Once everyone was fed and watered, humans and horses, a few of us headed to town to seek out the local garage sales. As Cody, our son, is not here with us this weekend, we have fellow competitor Chad Fike up in the wagon box with Rick giving him a hand if need be.


Rounding the first turn.

Heading to the track. Rick was not too far behind, with Kelly Sutherland on the inside of Rick and Evan in behind. What a beautiful day it was. You see, Normadn was in a serious accident a year ago. We chatted a while and found out that she is originally from England. A fine speedy finish. Pretty thankful it stayed dry.

Cowboy Country TV

But at the end of the day, we are all human and things just happen. Pretty good imaginations they have. I heard we should be getting some rain tonight, so things were cleaned up and tucked away outside just in case.

But when they went, they went hard. The team was ready to charge and so they did. I think Bruce and Bonnie have been coming up here to the races every year since it started.

Team meeting chjckwagon breakfast.


Look at my nails! Before the races, I went out and took a few photos around the barn.


Joanne manning the prize table. He was doing what he loved, riding his horse, got bucked off and broke his neck along with suffering some other injuries. Cuuckwagon had very little rain during a few of the nights, but nothing during the days. On a brighter note, if you took the penalty off, we would be sitting first in the show.

Luke feorge up with a day money run and we managed a fifth on the day. Yesterday was pretty much a slow day. And there are plenty.

The sun sets on the Bonnyville Chuckwagon Races. What a great surprise. Oh, how I felt so bad for him. We managed to find a few, and everyone came home with nogmand kind of bargain or two. Boy, did they start.