To get the window handle of the current window. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. How to capture screenshot in Selenium using Java Robot class? Let me tell you some generic situations where you may face scenarios to handle multiple windows. I appreciate your quick response. Therefore, I will explain the Approach 2.

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You click on some web element on default window and new window appears after the click. Precautions needed before riding bike. Set ; import java. Related Questions What is the difference between drivers and rider?

java – dowHandle() method – Stack Overflow

I would expect this method to return the handle which was currently in focus, or just opened, but now I know it doesn’t. Gauge is a free and open source test automation framework that takes the pain out of acceptance testing. I have having the same problem. Related Questions What is seleinum difference between Selenium and Selandroid? Those generic scenarios are listed below:. If there is any object then next just jump to the upcoming object and returns the output.


The following code show how to access multiple drivers and multiple tabs within each driver. Ask New Question Sign In. Get more stuff Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox.

Hence, here is the initialization when we are taking the reference getwindowhndles default window. We have discussed ways to store the reference to default window as well as multiple child windows; now we have to switch to windows based on the test requirement. Now in case of handling multiple child windows, we take two approaches:. Sign me up for the newsletter!

getWindowHandle- Handle multiples windows in Selenium

Test steps to proceed with handling multiple windows by using getwindowhanles Step 1: Its return type is String and it will give window handle of currently open window in web browser. What is the difference between Selenium and RPA testing? The focus will remain on default window, so change the focus to new window.

Iterator ; import java. Now complete all the testing activities on new window Step 5: Email Required, but never shown. However it is my strong opinion, and I must say, this is a not good API design. Develop Python with PyCharm. Ketan, I completely agree. What is the difference between pcl5 and pcl6 driver? I found Chrome worked way better getwindowhandlws me.


I had already considered this way of getting correct window handle. Seoenium is the difference between Selenium and Selandroid? Notify me of new posts by email. What is the difference between driver.

The first command will return a string of alphanumeric window handle and the second command will return a set of window handle. Here to store multiple child windows, we use TreeSet in String so that reference to each window will get unique storage. Let me tell you little about TreeSet. For more details You can refer: