Since I couldn’t get the SATA drivers to be recognized with a floppy drive they were missing a txtoem. Wed Jan 02, 4: At least now I have some insight, which is good because I’ll need to do it again to upgrade my son’s PC in the next week or so. Mine does, though I generally maintain a Windows XP installation CD image with the latest service pack and recent hotfixes slipstreamed in anyway, so it isn’t much effort to add in a driver as well. I had to have the SATA2 drive sitting outside my computer to do this but it was worth the instant gratification boot up after I changed the boot drive. But I don’t see the ICH7 version listed among the chipsets that this mod works with.

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Mon Dec 10, 7: Nov 23, Posts: Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd. Slummin’ it in Cambridge the original one Registered: At the post-install reboot who still says that Linux doesn’t require reboots after updates?

P35C-DS3R and AHCI (after install) – bit confused 🙂

Only you can decide if it is worth it to you. Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Workstation’, you may want to enter the name in quotes. T I did it with quotes and tried it again– it still drops out of automatic setup with the same error, so that’s not it. Jul 1, Posts: You can check out this mod in the link below, but you are probably out of luck with your ICH7.


So annoying that just installing a simple program seems to have caused all this mess! Like continuum and many of the others, I just skimmed your post, and didn’t realize that your boot drive was running off the JMicron PATA interface.

But with Windows XP, yes, you usually have to struggle a bit, either with a driver floppy, or creating a Windows XP installation CD image with the driver slipstreamed in. There is an option to load drivers if the operating system cannot be found. Sat Dec 15, 3: I really don’t want to format the hard drive only have 1 gb hard drive which isn’t partitioned with windows vista installed on it as I have a lot of important things on the drive which aren’t backed up!

You may need to update your BIOS. It’s the same deal, really. Gigabytee making speculation here, just trying to figure out this strange behavior.

ATA / SATA / AHCI madness on Gigabyte P35 DS3P ?

The silkscreening on the motherboard PCB might offer more of a clue. Hi ive just been getting my first ssd drive a Samsung evo but the magician software I get with it is telling me I need to activate ahci mode for p35-ds best performance My motherboard is a gigabyte G31M-ES2L and does not have an option in the bios to change it The ssd is working but I just l35-ds3 its not as fast as it could be and the software is sort of confirming this.

Mine does, though I generally maintain a Windows XP installation CD image with the latest service pack and recent hotfixes slipstreamed in anyway, so it isn’t much effort to add in a driver as well.


Under integrated peripherals it is set to: Perhaps they messed up the assembly of the board at the factory and applied the wrong color connectors to the JMicron ports. Prototyped Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Mon Dec 10, 3: It was ghetto when I used it back in 0.

Skip the guide; download nLite and let it manage all that crap for you. I really dislike not having a spare drive around if I’m trying to do something – and some of my really old drives are ready to be taken apart by teenagers so they can see how they work.

Since I cannot boot up I decided I want to do a system restore to a date before I installed Nero as I strongly suspect it is a problem I’ve heard about with Vista and software such as Nero which can create virtual drives.

This happened many times before I went back to FC7. I know mine doesn’t work.

Originally posted by Wisdom!: I’m going to give Pastek a bump – and diverge for a second toi close a loop. Howeverchances are you’ll need to feed Windows a driver for your IDE controller card.