The package has channels. Power dissipated by adjacent components Connect all the ground and power balls to the respective planes with one via per ball. Each eTPU engine controls 32 hardware channels, providing a total of 64 hardware channels. For further information, see http: When the clearance between the vias leave the planes virtually disconnected, the thermal performance is also greatly reduced.

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The thermal resistance depends on the: Flasg to Table 10 for values to calculate power dissipation for specific operation. For power up current see Section 3.

Figure 2 shows an approximate interpolation of the ISTBY worst-case specification to estimate values at different voltages and temperatures. Not all options are available on all devices.

Place a small amount of epoxy on the thermocouple junction and approximately 1 mm of wire extending from the junction.

For additional information on the Freescale definition of typical endurance, refer to engineering bulletin EB Typical Endurance for Nonvolatile Memory. Vxtal — Vextal must be? Since they can negate as low as 2. L H 3 Speed is the nominal maximum frequency. Absolute Maximum Ratings 1 Characteristic 1.



Board temperature is measured on the top surface of the board near the package. The core also has additional instructions, including digital signal processing DSP instructions, beyond the original PowerPC instruction set. Technical Data Document Number: Freescale Semiconductor reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products herein.

Power dissipated by adjacent components Connect all the ground and power balls to the respective planes with one via per ball. Place high-frequency bypass capacitors consisting of eight 0. Second to last paragraph: To avoid power-sequencing, VRC33 must be powered up within the specified operating range, even if the on-chip voltage regulator controller is not used. External Interrupt Timing 3. Speed is the nominal maximum frequency. VDDEH — — 0.

Changed the Revision number from 2 to 3. JEDEC specifications are available on the web at http: Contents 1 2 3 Overview.

All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. All oscillations stop when VRC33 is powered sufficiently. The MPC has two levels of memory hierarchy.


Freescale Semiconductor Evaluation Board for MPC5500 Series MPC5554EVBE MPC5554EVBE Data Sheet

Sixth paragraph, First sentence: Complete DC parametric and functional testing will be performed per applicable device specification at room temperature followed by hot temperature, unless specified otherwise in the device specification. F, and one 1? Specifying the local ambient conditions explicitly as the board temperature provides a more precise description of the local ambient conditions that determine the temperature of the device.

The junction-to-case thermal resistance describes when using a heat sink or where a substantial amount of heat is dissipated from the top of the package. This does not include software overhead. VSSA due to the presence of the sample amplifier.