I was hurt hearing some people saying why are you spending your money on this and you could help hungry people and…. Disappear Danny Kravitz – Topic 3 years ago. Comment by Mitra — October 15, 3: JICS is prestige, credit and glory of Iran in the world. Now it is not. To live, to listen, to learn. They did a 10 million dollars competition where you have to demonstrate that you can fly to space twice in 2 weeks.

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Comment by kaveh — October 12, 9: I watched the lift off with my 5 year old son sitting on my lap. Do anoushrh have any idea how many lives you have touched and changed?? Ali Akbar Saboury — October 16, 9: Comment by vahid — October 14, 8: I totally agree with Joe lepagehe said everything I wanted to say.

17 | December | | Adonis Diaries

Comment by Bekir L. Many of the hunger problems occur because of drought and bad farming practices. He anosheh lives in Stuttgart, Germany. I have a feeling she did it to be the first one to interview Anoushe and not because of the whole concept of her trip to the space, I might be wrong thought.


Deemah (Hamed Anousheh) – Mr. Cab Driver [prod. by Jiroca]

They sold it for Sir Richard Branson. Reasonable criticisms are highly welcomed. Comment by Tourang — October 17, 2: I cried happy tears with my mother and grandmother out of pride of your journey and courage. Mom said what do you wanna be?

Mr cab driver lenny kravitz hq

Make my profile public at. Now you are not even talking to him. And why experiment are done exclusively on male rats? I am support you.

I hope somebody could post here where we can watch the episode if somebody posted a video clip of that here in the internet for the sake of those like me who missed the mf, thanks!

Hope you the Best.

I have ben following your success since the XPrize and your space travel. What do you thik hamfd sex in zero-g? Comment by James Dunn — October 13, 6: It seems like more and more people want to have your email address and I understand that giving out your personal email address might be a bit overwhelming. When the time came for the procession to start, Amer Matrouk, the leader of one group, drew his blade and the men, some of whom had shaved their heads, knelt before him so he could give them swift blows to their scalpsjust enough to open the skin and start the bleeding.


Lenny Kravitz “Rock and Roll is Dead” virginrecords 11 years ago. Hamee request you to join for helping to JICS. You have more to do in ur life. Please, let us all know where to look for you next. Did you notice any haamed that the moon was split in two while you were star surfing?

Also, your suggestion is not a [sweet dream of a fanatic fan]. Going back to earth took her 2 days only to match the orbit exactly.

Comment by screamin75 — October 18, Comment hamfd Bijan Fard — October 14, 6: I want Anosheh to know how proud i am of what she did. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: