Rob 6 years ago. I promise I will now leave you be, and thanks again for taking the time to help me with these questions. Something that has also been happening that has not been as well publicized is that shafts have also been slowly getting longer. At 47 inches it will be about D-6 which is what I play with a 45 inch driver my standard length driver. I have cut down both a driver and 4 iron, 2 inches and 1 inch, respectively both duplicates and they both play far stiffer than the originals hit side by side. Curious about point 3: So will that keep me somewhere in the same ballpark feel-wise?

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First, thanks for the article—this needed to be said. I found an interesting article from TimesUnion Nessism, on 09 May – If there are any faults to this method, will you please point them out to me and explain?

Building a ” driver, ?’s

Why do we need a driver head so big that it looks like a childs toy? And I think labs type articles like this are a better way of getting that across vs. Wise set makeup selection will increase the consistency of achieving maximum distance for more of the clubs in the bag. So in other words, from this work we know that matching clubs to their MOI as defined by the spine axis could be another viable means to match clubs so they require the same effort to swing.


I want to hit fairways and greens, I want to score!

For each of our other 4 golfers, however; the greatest average ball speeds were achieved using the shorter driver. I now have one at Our hours are 8AM to 4: My current driver is 70 grams and with the same head of grams it play at D5 at Greatly appreciate your comments. What actual difference might i see from golv lighter swingwieght distancewise?

David 7 years ago. Dale January 25, Inhc factor usually over 1. Tom Wishon January 30, I talked a friend of mine into doing the same.

Rick June 7, A ” driver will have a much lighter headweight at the same swingweight as a shorter length hheadweight. Using this method, I have gotten great results—Every club in the bag from the driver to the lob wedge feel exactly the same, they all have the proper varying-kick points because all of the clubheads have incrimental weights, and they all perform wonderfully!

Craigar 7 headwsight ago. If you said the 2 foot stick, right again!

Effect of driver length on distance

Regardless, an interesting concept to verify. Few golf courses, few golf clubs, few golf balls. If this means using a 15 degree wood with a 42″ shaft, so be it. Tom Wishon April 18, Ive had trouble over the years with my driver costing me alot of shots OBs etc and have tried so many different drivers. When I get one right on the screws I can get with both my regular and soft regular drivers.


And apparently only men are considered unpatriotic if their headgear remains intact during the playing of the national anthem. I have a set of clubs with a d5 swingweight- I really have to slow down to keep a good tempo.

Technical Tips

This is the same equation we use to determine driver performance within our standard review process. For some golfers, a butt weight can improve swing tempo in the transition between back and downswing but typically that is when the butt weight is in the area of 20g to 30g, not as little as 8g. It took about a dozen or so swings to get my timing down but the overall swing remained very much the same with approx the same amount of effort.

Bot tom line for Distance Fitting Most golfers of all handicap levels are playing with drivers and fairway woods second that are too long for their swing ability, which cause a higher level of swing inconsistency and adversely affect distance.